A literature review is an academic writing piece that demonstrates the writer’s knowledge and understanding of the academic literature on a specific topic. It also includes a critical explanation of the material, which is why it is called a “literature review” rather than a report.


How to Write a Literature Review


It consists of the following steps:

  • Searching for relevant literature after defining the topic clearly.
  • Evaluating and selecting the sources
  • Identifying the themes, databases and gaps
  • Outlining your literature review structure
  • Writing your literature review paper finally


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What is the Process of Literature Review Writing?


Various steps to write a good literature review are as follows:


Step 1 Topic Selection: Try to select a suitable topic that interests you. It would be best if you could complete the topic within a specified time frame.

  • You establish your research question and organise your literature into various logical categories around the chosen topic. The research question needs to be very specific to guide you in the process.
  • Always ensure that you understand the concept of narrower and broader items. The narrower your topic, the easier it will be for you to limit the number of sources for a good literature survey.
  • Identifying the most reliable sources on the chosen topic: You can use various relevant resources, such as journals, books, documents, etc., containing helpful information and topic ideas. Internet websites, dissertations, theses, e-print conference papers, etc., can also be consulted. Only partially rely on electronic resources that are very readily available. Refer more to sources like dictionaries to assist you in explaining the terminologies. Encyclopedias can also be helpful in this regard.


Step 2: Carry out a refined search: Unisia has numerous databases providing full-text access to literary articles, allowing you to refine your search for journals. These scholarly journals undergo a rigorous quality assessment procedure by researchers and economists in any academic community before being sent for publication.


Use the and not operators here. Logical brackets and wild cards are used while searching the databases. For example, you can use the “and” operator to narrow the search while the “OR “operator expands it. The “Not” operator excludes irrelevant information from the search results.


Step 3: reading and analyzing: Here, you need to group the sources into various themes and sub-themes of your chosen topic. While you read much but selectively in your selected topic area, consider the issues or themes that connect the sources together. Here, it would help if you asked yourself the following questions:

  • Is there anyone or any different solution
  • Is any aspect missing?
  • How good they represent the liberating material and how well they portray as per the discussed theory
  • Is this a real particular trend in the field?
  • Is it a raging database?


Step 4: Writing the literature review: The literature review can be organized in multiple ways. For example, you can review and centre historically or even on various theoretical positions in and around your topic. Here, you can also focus on how each source contributes to the unrewarding of the specific project. The literature review needs to include the following:

  • An introduction that explains how the review is organized.
  • The body part containing the headings and the subheadings provides a roadmap presenting various perspectives of your arguments in the literature review paper. The body part also contains an evaluation of the materials to be included in your topic.
  • The summary part is a gist of all the data and information already mentioned in your paper. This part must be interesting enough to leave a lasting impression on your readers or assessors.


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Let’s Know Some Examples of Literature Review


Examples of literature:


Building Customer Loyalty: A Customer Experience-Based Approach in a Tourism Context


Example of sample literary review:


Hackett, G. and Melia, D. The hotel as the holiday/stay destination: trends and innovations.

Standalone Literature Reviews

Attitudes towards the Disability in Ireland



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Structure of a Literature Review


A literature review is a critical and comprehensive analysis of existing research on a specific topic. The structure of a literature review generally follows a systematic format, providing a logical flow of information. Here’s a typical structure:


  1. Introduction:
  • Introduce the topic and its relevance.
  • Clearly state the purpose and scope of the literature review.
  • Define any key terms or concepts.


  1. Body
  • Present the selected literature in a structured manner based on your organizational framework.
  • Group studies or sources with similar themes, methodologies, or key findings.
  • Provide summaries and critical evaluations of each source.


  1. Conclusion:
  • Summarize the key findings from the literature.
  • Emphasize the significance of the reviewed studies in the context of your topic.
  • Offer insights into potential avenues for future research.


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Five Clear & Concise Tips for Your Literature Review


  1. Narrow down your topic and select the papers: You need to consider your specific study area here. It would help if you thought about the areas that truly interest you. It would help if you talked to your professor in this respect. Brainstorm; read the lecture notes as well the recent issues of the periodicals in your selected subject area. Limit your scope to a smaller topic. The 4 steps to narrow your literature review research paper topic.
    • Watch related videos on the internet to get guidance.
    • Developing the research question and worksheet
    • Use the worksheet to develop, assess, and refine your research question.


  1. Search for the literature: Define your source criteria within any specific date ranges. Use keywords to search the library database. Write good research papers by referencing lists of updated articles and reviews. Here, you can also include studies contrary to your viewpoint.
  2. Read the selected articles carefully before evaluating them: Assumptions are made by most of the researchers here. The other procedures used here include testing procedures, subjects, testing procedures, material, etc. The field experts use labs, names, and conferred frequently. Conflicting theories, methodologies and results are also used here. Here, it would be best if you also focused on the popularity of the used theories.
  3. Organize the selected papers by looking at the patterns and, thus, developing the sub-topics. Here, you need to note down the following:
  • Common findings
  • Important trends
  • Influential theories
  • Develop the best headings and subheadings for establishing new topic headings.


  1. Develop purpose statement or thesis: Write a one or 2-sentence message by summarizing the conclusions you have reached regarding the significant trends and developments in your subject topic.
  2. Templates for writing the thesis statement:


This template provides a 2-step guide for writing a thesis statement. A PDF version is also available for download.


There are 5 types of thesis statements. You can write well if you know these types of statements well.


  1. Understanding clearly what a literature review is: It is a well-reasoned and evidence-based scholarly argument used to demonstrate the need for this study. The literature review will contain much information rather than merely informative text. It would help if you kept this in mind very clearly from the beginning. Your scholarly article should be relevant to the given topic.
  2. Make a draft of your research statement: A well-written LR (literature review) analyzes the main concepts surrounding your research topic. These central concepts are mostly expressed in problem statements. This aligns your research topic with the central idea.
  3. Creating a proper outline of the Literature Review: Although your outline can change, you need to create a document with headings describing the pockets of the literature to be reviewed by you.
  4. Using your outline to guide your search: Headings in your literature review outline are used as keywords for searching the relevant literature. Remember to document your own research strategy by using synonyms. You can also locate a systematic review of the given essay topic with proper references.
  5. Organizing your research articles: Here, you are recommended to use the reference management software tools for organizing the research article properly. You can create folders to save your research article with proper citations. Reserve one folder for all the articles, which makes it difficult to remember. It would help if you organized your literature articles so that you can easily review all the articles that are related to a specific topic in the literature review.


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