A persuasive speech is a very special type of speech in which your ultimate aim is to convince your audience to accept your viewpoint. Here, you need to use visuals and words to guide your audience’s thoughts and actions. This blog will discuss some Amazing Persuasive Speech Topics and Ideas for Students at Assignment Help AUS.


Components of a Great Persuasive Speech Topic


  1. Structuring the persuasive speech: Your persuasive speech’s opening and closing parts are always very important. They are essential in structuring your persuasive speech. If your persuasive speech has a strong opening, I will grab your audience’s attention and create a lasting impression.
  2. State a strong argument: You must pick two to four themes to discuss in your persuasive speech. Each point must have a good connection and a constant flow. All your arguments need to be backed up by your research objective.
  3. Address all your counterarguments properly: Your counterarguments must always be balanced by thoughts and disputes. To strengthen them, it would help if you were not biased when describing your opposing viewpoints. Here, you need to describe them in a very similar way to people with the same point of view. This way, you can avoid irritating the members of your audience, who may also disagree with you. Thus, you always need to be nonjudgmental.
  4. Your speech closure: The closing part of your persuasive speech needs to convince your readers about your point of view. This last sentence should always make a long-lasting impression on your audience. It can also end with a “call to action.”


Persuasive Speech Topics


How to Write a Persuasive Speech?


  1. Study the given topic: You always need to have a very clear idea about the topic on which you are writing the persuasive speech. Thus, you always need to write about a very well-versed subject. If your topic is a bit controversial, then give very strong arguments in support of it. You can get a very good idea regarding the topic from various sources, such as scholarly articles, journals, websites, etc.
  2. Set your goal: It is always necessary for you to understand your ultimate goal through your persuasive speech.
  3. Understanding your audiences: It is always necessary to understand your target audience very well before starting your speech.
  4. Selecting a good persuasive speech topic: You always need to choose the best topic to convince your audience.
  5. Outlining the main points: After choosing your persuasive speech topic, you need to brainstorm all the major points during the speech. Your speech duration also determines the number of points to be used.
  6. Structure your speech: you need to structure your persuasive speech in the best way to convince your audience.
  7. Give good counterarguments: A strong counterargument can always be useful in convincing our target audiences to go with you.


What Makes Good Persuasive Speech Topics?


An idea-persuasive speech needs to be daring, thought-provoking, and have a clear-cut opinion. Here, you need to talk about something you know really well and can state the best arguments and opinions for it.


How to Choose a Persuasive Speech Topic?


  • Choose a topic that really interests you
  • Choose an off-bit topic
  • Select a topic on which you can find enough arguments
  • Please choose a topic that can be obtained from the best source and there is also enough data on it


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List of Persuasive Speech Topics for You


Persuasive Speech Topics for College


  1. How marketing management affects people
  2. What are the major challenges involved with the process of recycling
  3. Why water conservation is a major topic of concern today
  4. Can television be used for educational purposes?
  5. What are the major ways to reduce global warming?
  6. What are the benefits of the mode education system?
  7. Online classes vs. online classes
  8. Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic all over the World and aftermath
  9. How can political correctness be properly implemented
  10. How to reduce the growing cost of education


Persuasive Essay Topics about Animals


  1. What are the best ways for animal conservation?
  2. How to conserve oceanic life
  3. How to regulate uncontrolled animal butchery
  4. How to stop poaching of wild animals
  5. How to promote the concept of open zoos across the globe
  6. How to regulate the use of animal skin and fur in the fashion industry
  7. How to promote petting of domestic animals
  8. How to stop cow butchery across the globe
  9. The best ways to promote animal welfare
  10. How to reduce animal cruelty by imposing law


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Unique Persuasive Topics


  1. Can tattoos be considered unprofessional?
  2. How movies influence society
  3. Can offensive language be removed from modern-day literature?
  4. Ho television affects young minds
  5. How to ban violent video games for ill effect on the minds of children
  6. Are the documentary series on various OTT platforms really glorifying global criminals?
  7. How to implement music therapy in the best way for the patients
  8. Should LGBTQ be legalized all over the World?
  9. Can expenses on higher education be reduced?
  10. Should income tax be made higher for the privileged class of society?


Mental Health Persuasive Speech Topics


  1. Do genes plan a role in psezophenia
  2. Can Alzheimer a disease only of the elderly
  3. Can Alzheimer’s be cured?
  4. Give a detailed study of split personality disorder
  5. Explain PTSD with a cure
  6. What are the causes and necessary treatment options for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD?)
  7. What are the real causes of anxiety and depression?
  8. How to deal with a child’s psychological disorder
  9. Is media triggering violence in children?
  10. Sol effects of drug and alcohol abuses


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Business and Economy Persuasive Speech Topics


  1. How business and economy are interrelated
  2. How national as well global economic inflation influences local as well global business
  3. Explain the SWOT analysis with practical examples
  4. Explain PESTEL analysis with practical examples
  5. How corporate social responsibly (CSR) affects business and economy
  6. How to boost the business economic output of any country
  7. How GDP and GNP are related
  8. Role of rural economy to boost a country’s economy
  9. Can improving the infrastructure help in any country’s economic growth?
  10. How micro economy benefits a country wealth


Medical Persuasive Speech Topics


  1. Role of generics research in the field of medical sciences
  2. Is cloning ethical
  3. How to prove the ill effects of certain allopathic medicines
  4. Discuss the pros and cons of alternative medicines like homeopathy and herbal.
  5. Is Reiki healing a scam or a reality?
  6. Is life extension a myth or really possible in the field of medical science
  7. Is there really any cure for terminal diseases?
  8. Do miracles happen in the medical science field?
  9. What are the latest technologies in the research and development (R and D) departments of various medical research centres
  10. Is organ transplantation always helpful?


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Public Speaking Persuasive Speech Topics


  1. Significance of the fine arts in the field of holistic development
  2. Is graffiti really an art?
  3. Should fine arts be made a compulsory discipline at the school level?
  4. Can the performing arts be made based on credits?
  5. Is the museum a dying collection of art and architecture?
  6. Should museum entries be made free?
  7. Does modern fine art lack more authenticity?
  8. How is ancient art dying in modern times
  9. Role of volunteering in any community
  10. How to implement the mindfulness meditation tools


These are some of the best Persuasive Speech Essays.


Funny Persuasive Speech Topics


  1. Fast is good or bad
  2. Does recycling work
  3. Do students deserve a stipend in education?
  4. Should all of us go for Veganism?
  5. Keeping a writing journal is a good idea
  6. We do not need homework
  7. What are the top ways to cure our phobias?
  8. Can money really buy happiness?
  9. Is alcohol even worse than drugs?
  10. Is taxation a necessary evil?



These are some excellent Persuasive Speech Examples.


Social Media Persuasive Speech Topics


  1. Pros and cons of using Facebook
  2. Is social media actually creating gaps in human beings?
  3. How to use social media to boost business
  4. How identity theft takes place via social media
  5. How to keep your social media profile safe from being hacked
  6. How web scams take place through social media
  7. What is social media marketing?
  8. How the Hoaxes on Social Media Affecting Society
  9. How to reach the masses by using the popular social media platform effectively
  10. How to keep yourself and your identity safe on the social media


These are good Persuasive Speech Ideas.


Scientific Persuasive Speech Topics


  1. Are special training sessions needed for physically challenged people?
  2. How to control soil erosion to protect agriculture
  3. How to accept failure to achieve success
  4. Can exploring space really improve life on the earth?
  5. Why Agnosticism is regarded as Skepticism
  6. Why there is no good ADHD test for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders
  7. How to improve public health through various medical and scientific methods
  8. Why research to cure different types of cancer disease is really very important
  9. Explain the ways in which various scientific innovations can ease our living.
  10. Science is a boon or curse.


These are some of the popular persuasive speech topics.


Education Persuasive Speech Topics


  1. Should primary-level education be made free of cost?
  2. How to reduce college and university-level education fees
  3. Online vs classroom education
  4. Effect of Covid 19 pandemic on students all over the World
  5. How to stop kids spanking by teachers and parents all across the globe by law
  6. What are the best teaching methods for kids with dyslexia?
  7. How to promote special education in the society
  8. Essence of scholarships in student life
  9. Importance of extracurricular activities in students
  10. How to relieve students from too much exam pressure


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These are some of the very good persuasive speech topics.


Environment Persuasive Speech Topics


  1. How to prevent oil erosion
  2. How to deal with global climatic change
  3. Cause of earthquake and how to be precautions about it
  4. How to reduce pollution in big cities
  5. How to make food free from adulterations
  6. Ways to reduce global warming
  7. How to reduce uncontrolled grazing
  8. How can we really impose strict laws against cutting down wood and trees?
  9. How to save our ecological balance
  10. How can the factories be responsive so as not to pollute the atmosphere and environment?


There are a few common topics for a persuasive speech.


Government Persuasive Speech Topics


  1. Why does the government need to be changed every 5 years?
  2. How to prevent government corruption
  3. How to vote for the best candidate
  4. What things r to be considered before voting
  5. How to ensure a fair election


Arts and Culture Persuasive Speech Topics


  1. How to preserve our arts and cultural symbols like old monuments
  2. Why cultural conservation is important
  3. How to preserve our old fine arts
  4. Why is art and culture important for any nation?
  5. What are the art and culture symbols of various countries?


Religion Persuasive Speech Topics


  1. Why should religion never be used as a political tool?
  2. Relation between religion and science
  3. Religion vs spirituality
  4. Religion vs superstition
  5. Importance of rituals in any religion



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