Which of the following statements about misbehaviour in research is accurate?


  1.  The US government must make public the identity of any individual implicated in misbehaviour.
  2.  The government agency in charge handles complaints of research misconduct.
  3.  Before the other institution is involved, every funding agency will always carry out its research on personal misbehaviour.
  4.  federal funding agencies usually rely on the institution to handle the initial response when a research misconduct claim is made.


The institute often handles the initial reaction to a claim of research misconduct, according to answer (4) provided by federal funding bodies.
The volume of the centralized financing agency allows them to enforce the law and punish anyone who is discovered to be regretful for breaking the rules. For example, in 2018, the Financial Commerce Regulatory Specialist (FINRA) conducted 921 corrective actions against certain businesses and individuals, adding roughly 61 million, and restitution of well over 25.5 million to other depositors and business owners through properly-ordered payments.
“Copy, falsification, or error in offering, acting, or learning analysis, or in publishing research results” is the definition of research misconduct.



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