Health and Wellbeing at Work Answers to Homework Questions


Assignment detail:

  • Topic : wellbeing in the workplace
  • Document Type : Research Paper
  • Number of Words : 3000 


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Learning outcomes applied in this assessment including the relevant sections 


  • Explain core features of healthy organizations
  • Identify measurement tools for individual and organizational health and wellbeing


Thinking skills

  • Recognize principal workplace health and wellbeing facilitation models


Subject-based practical skills

  • Determine individual and organizational needs for better health and wellbeing
  • Select models and theories relevant in handling particular health and wellbeing issues


Skills for life and work (general skills)

  • Communicate contemporary workplace health and wellbeing interventions to a general audience and researchers.




Component 2: As part of this module you will conduct a systematic literature review, summarising the best health and wellbeing practices on a topic of your choice.

Potential topics for your systematic literature review are identified below (although this list is not exhaustive and you can choose another topic within the area of workplace health and well being):


Well being, Stress, Burnout, Resilience, Psychological flexibility, Emotional Intelligence, Emotion regulation,Work-family conflict.


Please, first select one of the topics in bold above or identify a topic relevant to the workplace

health and well-being area.

Conduct a systematic literature review (including theories, models, case analyses, and existing research evidence) on the best practices related to the chosen topic.


How to run a systematic review?


  1. Choose your topic
  2. Identify your eligibility criteria Identify your keywords
  3. Choose your databases/ sources
  4. Run your search
  5. Screen titles and abstract to check for eligibility
  6. Identify Relevant Papers
  7. Read the papers and summarise them, identify study characteristics and key findings (you can summarise the key findings in the table and discuss it in text). Example of the table will be provided by the lecturer