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If you have been given a task to write a dissertation proposal topic, you might be feeling a little bit overwhelmed to write it in the best possible way. Many questions that might strike your mind can be, what is a dissertation proposal, how to write it, how to present it properly what are to be included, what are to b excluded, what your college or university really needs, etc.


 In this blog we will discuss about the answers of these common questions…………




What is Dissertation Proposal?


A dissertation is ideally a long academic writing piece. However, there are certain differences. Here you mostly responsible for deciding on the given topic or focus on the writing once. Here, your very first step is to choose your own dissertation topic that is your dissertation title.




Now, you need to formulate the research question where the dissertation proposal comes from. The dissertation proposal needs to cover in details all the research questions that you are going to analyze and the way you plan for conducting your primary and secondary researches.


This should include your regarding until the point or outcomes of the words with your superiors. This will help you to guard from the criticism when your writing is marked. It also needs to cover any limitation in the research, ethical considerations as well other reasons of your data sample choice.


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Why is a Dissertation Proposal Important?


A dissertation proposal is important since it demonstrates the importance and quality of your research projects as well your own ability to conduct the proposed research. This proposal also gives you an opportunity for thing through your research project for refining your focus, and predicting any future challenges.


How to Write a Dissertation Proposal?

  • Starting your own dissertation proposal can be bit challenging, however, it can be made simpler by breaking it down into simple components for making it manageable.
  • Narrow down the topic: It is very much necessary that when you start drafting your research dissertation paper, you have carefully thought about your own topic and can narrow it down for presenting a crystal clear understanding of what you plan to do and do it in your dissertation research topic.
  • You can choose a dissertation topic easily by going through your assignment and lectures. Here there are certain things to be considered like was there any outstanding topic for you , was there any unexposed idea. If you can really find good answers of these questions, then you can have a great starting.
  • You always need to choose a topic that very much personally interesting to you.


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What should be Including in Dissertation Proposal? Guide


Your dissertation proposal has a number of aspects. A usual dissertation structure includes-introduction, methodology, aims, objectives, and the literature review. All the constrains of your research are needed to be included for ensuring that you can provide your supervisor with a good dissertation proposal. This needs to include the following:



This introductory part states your central research question and gives a proper background on the subject It also very much relates to a wide variety of issued surrounding the central topic. You need to do a good study and research to choose the best dissertation topic. The introduction of your dissertation research paper needs to outline what you are intending to investigate in your final research paper. Here you also need to outline the dissertation proposal structure in the introductory part. This means part one covers the methodology and the part 2 covers the literature review and part 3 needs to cover the research limitations, etc.



It breaks down the sources you want to use for your dissertation research and type of data you want to collect from them either quantitative or qualitative. Here, you can also include how you plan to analyze the collected data and you can choose the best methods here. In your methodology part you can also explain your empirical research method, like surveys, interviews, lab experiments, observations, etc. Here, you also need to use specific tools for cry out a well detailed methodology.


Objectives and Aims:

The dissertation proposal also needs to include the research aim and objectives. Here you need to state what your research wants to achieve along with the expected outcome. You need to state your exact research objectives and how to obtain the achievements. Aim should nor be broad but specific. Aim of the dissertation paper needs to directly relate to the research question.




Dissertation Proposal Structure with Example


A dissertation proposal structure consists of the following parts:



This section of your dissertation proposal outlines the methods through which you need to collect and process the data. Here you need to include what you are going to write and why. If you are writing a quantitative research paper, this will need a reference to the questionnaire, survey, data source, etc. At this part you also need to explain why you have selected any particular method.


Aims and objectives:

At this section, you need to focus on the main issues that you want to elaborate. Few of them re your ultimate goal or aim, what are the main question you will answer, your main predictions, etc.


Literature Review:

This gives the writer an opportunity in making a good argument for the research purpose ad join it to similar researches. Here you can also present it as an extension to other related studies. At this section you need to enlist the major sources that have been already consulted by you so far in your dissertation research paper and how the have helped you in guiding your own research. You can also place your work alongside and elaborate your own thoughts. Here is always a potential for including any flaws with the pre-existing work and how to avoid this in your dissertation. Here you always need to include all the sources that is shown by you and adds value to your work.



It is always a part of writing a very informative an effective piece of research paper and the limits are based upon your ability for exploring and presenting your research findings. Few limitations might per directly to the word count to explain the further issues. This section shows that you are engaged with the subject matter and are very much familiar with the wider concept.


Ethical Considerations:

Are there any such ethical issue to be considered with your research paper? Have you secured permission from your participant to be interviewed in the research? Here you need to state all the necessary information regarding your dissertation research ethics.


Time frame:

You will often ask to finish the whole dissertation paper writing a specific time frame to submit the work to your supervisor. This can be “chapter-by-chapter” basis or might start with actual research so that you can fit this part before starting to write about it. Always ensue that you are quite realistic in your writing approach and allow sometime for conducting the initial research before jumping to the writing conclusion.




Dissertation Proposal Examples


Writing a proposal or prospectus can be challenging, but we’ve compiled some examples for you to start. Let’s check it out.


Example#1 The Role of Supply Chain Management






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