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Writing a case study Assignments is not an easy job- it’s part of research and analysis process -depth, and detailed examination and approaches of a particular person, group/organization or situation over a while.


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In today’s fast-moving world, the coaching center is not enough to qualify academically. The projects and the assignments also hold a lot of importance in getting good scores. The essays and case studies given by the professors are needed to be done as per their guidelines within a specific period of time.


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We have the longest experiences in the case study help service, especially for the students in various colleges and universities across the nation of Australia. A case study is basically a method of analyzing an in-depth study for surveying ad citing an example of a person, organization or group, a brand or situation in a real-life consequence.


It is mostly used for doing the research work on any related situation or topic in the education sector for explaining a situation, thesis, etc. A case study assignment is a detailed account of any individual entity written by analyzing the entity regarding the investor’s expertise in any particular subject.


Mostly subjects like Business, management,  nursing, law and marketing involve writing a lot of case study assignments.


Guidelines for the Case study /assignment


Students are required to do it according to the guidelines 


Objectives of the assignment:

  • Develop your knowledge, and skills on the Management Process.
  • Measure the knowledge and skills gained by the students
  • Making students active partners of the learning process.
  • Doing the case study will help students to understand certain important aspects
  • of concepts clearly.

For successful completion of the relevant assignment/case study, students are required to:

  • Do this as an individual assignment in the form of a ‘written submission.’
  • (Computerized document)
  • Should be submitted as spiral binding copy with transparent cover (Mandatory)
  • Font Size should be 12 (Times New Roman and Lind Space should be 1.5)
  • Margins – Left 1.5’ Right 1’ Top and Bottom 1’
  • Comprehensively study the concepts relevant to the Evolution of Management
  •  Management Process.
  • You are allowed to make assumptions to fill the gap of any required information.
  • You are also required to search for additional information as required.
  • Limit the case study to 1000 to 10000 words( depend on Task)
  • Keep a copy of the assignment with you.
  • Indicate the Index Number clearly on the cover page..
  • Show an in-depth understanding of the concepts of Management Process and
  • subjects.

Maintain a very high standard of the assignment . How to Write a Case Study Assignment ?



How to Write Case Study Assignment Writing Paper?


There are 2 approaches to writing a case study assignment paper from the academic point of view. These are – TYPE 1- Analytical Approach TYPE 2- Problem-Oriented Method Case study analyses. These are the reports which are based on the real-life situations where the given difficulties are needed to be resolved in any assignment.


A case study analysis involves the following:


    1. It applies to any particular situation and helps in identifying the existing problems.
    2. It finds out the SWOT matrix analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) for any given situation.
    3. This includes the discussions for sorting out the present problems.
    4. It emphasizes on the recommendation and implementations for the best solutions.
    5. This concludes by summing up the main points that are based on the opinion or the statement of decisions.
    6. It contains all the relevant references as well as a bibliography that is used correctly in any assignment.


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Useful Tips for Writing a Good Case Study Assignment Paper


Our case study helper has provided with the following tips to write a good case study assignment paper:


  • Case study assignment: The case study writing in marketing is a study of different marketing strategies of any company. This hypothesis is explained and supported by any substantial analysis of the marketing strategies of any company.
  • Select your topic vet carefully: The marketing management involves all the strategies and procedures after the production. Your marketing case sty writing need not overlap with the human resource management and financial Management topics.
  • Follow a definite structure: First, write an overview of the case study argument or write clearly what you want to state. Then, follow it up by the research methods where you can write where you will conduct your research work with the research methods. This is to be followed by a description of the context and write the main narrative of your case study assignment essay. Finally, summarize all your observation, results, with stating your recommendation.
  • Be careful of the marketing tools: A thorough analysis of the environment can be done by following any one of the theories. These theories are as follows:
  • PESTEL (political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal analysis).
  • SWOT Analysis or Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and threats analysis.
  • Porter’s Five Forces Analysis.


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The Marketing Environmental and Marketing Case Study Analysis


A good marketing student needs to be aware of all theories for doing a perfect project analysis.


  1. Marketing mix: It is the main body of your case study essay assignment. This needs to focus exclusively on the marketing mix of any company. The 4 P’s of the marketing mix are product, price, place and promotion.
  2. Conducting thorough market research: You can get the majority of the information on the company on the internet. Most of the company websites write their own mission statements, in house brand information, interactive blogs, etc. You can take information from the official websites of the Wall Street Journal and Forbes to get a better idea. Always keep yourself updated with the rise and fall fortunes of the companies in the financial markets.
  3. Cite the appropriate references: State you’re proper references at the end. Thus, your assignment work will be received with appreciation from your professors.


Case Study Assignment on Nursing:


The nursing case study assignment study involves a medical report of a particular disease. This begins with the medical history of the patient and is followed by symptoms, clinical tests, diagnosis, etc.


Here you need to be very much aware of the patient’s medical; history. Whether he is in critical condition needs immediate treatment, or anything else has to be done.


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