What is a Reflection Paper?


A reflection paper is a type of essay that needs to express the writer’s opinion on any topic. In this reflection paper, you need to analyze as well effect on how the book, academic lecture or experience can really shape your thoughts on any particular subject.


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Use Full Tips on Writing a Reflection Paper


Understanding and Summarizing the Whole Material:


It is always very much important for you to review the whole material before starting to write the reflection paper. Here, you can also review similar text for understanding the text context. Few of the refection papers may need to review one event. You need t summarize the entire event or text in one or even multiple paras to guide the essay writing process. If you are writing a refection essay is nonfiction, the summary can compromise the reasoning and theses statement by you. On the other hand, if it is a fictional one, you can fully summarize the plot. The summary should noy be a copy of any material, and might include a brief statement of you between opinion on that particular essay. Here, you can also provide an outline of our own ideas with supportive arguments.


Analyzing the Whole Material:


You very much need to analyze your thesis argument or text content before staying to wit the reflection paper on any topic. It might contain your own opinions relating the topic. Here, you can also disagree with arguments already made in text before and highlight the reasoning behind the topic. You can also ask a key question after studying the entire text and highlight the problem area within the duet. Here, you can also review others supporting your argument. The writer can also refer his personal experiences that also contradict the argument materials. A mind map can also be used here for outlining the whole writing process, ideas and also all the supporting arguments. You can highlighting the question raised by you while studying the essay material and also use them to write the review. The Reflection Essay can be written like this.


Selecting the Right Theme:


Here, you can also use the essay analysis of the event by selecting the right theme. Selecting the right theme is always very much important for you to write the refection essay assignment paper. I also helps you to tone and structure your paper. Theme can be selected by finding the commonest points or even confusions in the analysis paper. Then, you need to write down the already stated arguments.


Making the Right Connections in Between your Opinions:


You can always make connections in between your own stated arguments to make the para sequence of the essay paper. These types of connections can allow you in writing a good reflection paper outline to connect your opinions to the arguments already made in the essay paper. This can also provide a vivid scene of the main opinions, ideas, as well questions to the given topics of the essay paper. This framework can be used for conning the ideas and developing more strength to your arguments.


Starting with an Introduction:


The introduction is the very first para of your reflection essay. It contains your thesis statement and give your readers a good insight to the position and regarding the given topic. This introduction may also include a summary of the book, article or exceeded with proper analysis. Here, you can also refer to the topic themes.


Writing the Body of the Essay Paper:


This section of your reflection essay paper, need contain an in depth analysis of the thesis statement give by you. Here, your supportive arguments can also be included like references, arguments examples. At this section you can also have 3-4 paras in the refection essay body and each of these paras can also introduce new ideas. If your article is based on any boo or article, you can include direct quotes from relevant sources. Ideally, you can connect all your ideas for ensuring that the paras have a constant and logical flow.


The Conclusion:


This is the concluding part or the terminal part of your reflecting essay paper. Thus, you always need to finish with a very good conclusion to leave a long lasting impression on your readers. This part summarizes all the argument and ideas already given in your essay paper. You can do this by analyzing the article with your own experiences. Here, you need to restate as well re-emphasize your already written thesis statement.


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Proofreading and Editing:


Proper editing and proofreading of your whole refection essay paper is always very much important for you to make the whole paper flawless and free of any type of mistakes.

You can get a good idea of the above tips from a good Reflection paper sample.


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What is the Outline of A Reflection Paper?


The ultimate aim of writing a good reflecting essay is describing your own life experiences as well explain how these experiences changed and effected your life. While writing the outline, you need to borne in mind that these are to be written in a very chorological order. All these events are to be explained a very logical manner. If you write a good outline, it will make your essay wring easier as well quicker.


While writing yore say outline always ensue that you include the 3 sections: introduction, body, and conclusion. The introductory part needs to be very much interesting as well attention grabbing.


  • A topic overviews
  • The thesis statement
  • Body paras: The paragraoh1 needs to be a very detailed description of the place, event in person. The Paragraph 2 needs to contain a description of your own feelings and thoughts. The Paragraph 3 needs to contain the analysis along with the evaluation of your experiences
  • Conclusion
  • Essay summary
  • restate the thesis statement


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What are the Types of Reflection Paper?


There are 2 main types of reflection paper- experimental and textual.




An experimental refection paper is a in depth analysis of your personal experiences or observations. Here, you need to summarize as well focus on the underlying principles to support your analysis.




A textual reflection paper analyzes any written text that can be essay, book or article. Ut is always backed by your own interpretation, opinion and analysis. Here, you can also use the best quotations.


Reflection Research Paper Topics


  1. how to conquer your biggest fear
  2. how to balance your work with student
  3. how to maintain the best work life balance
  4. your new experiences in a foreign nation
  5. how can childhood hobbies pave the way for future career
  6. reflecting on a major failure with lessons
  7. meeting someone very special to change life outlook
  8. how to experience an unexpected leadership
  9. the triumphs and struggles of learning a new language
  10. impact of cultural shock in life
  11. How to teach pet whom you adopt
  12. How to volunteer sheltering for the homeless and promote personal growth
  13. How to survive a natural disaster and related experiences
  14. Explain your own personal experiences when a job loss opened new opportunism for you
  15. What are the major lessons from  a grid


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Reflection Paper Format


A reflective essay should be very much well structured, planned and formatted. The essay can be arranged in APA or MLA format. The typical length of any reflection paper is 300-700 words.


Reflective Essay in the MLA format:

  • Times new roman with 12 point font with double spaced
  • One inch margins
  • A page number and last name on the top right corner of every page
  • Write titles at the central part of the page
  • Headers part needs to include your name, name of the professor, course number and date
  • Your last page should include the cited work


APA Style Reflective Essay

  • 12 pt times new roman with double space
  • 1 inch margin
  • A paper header needs to be included at the top of all the pages
  • Page number should be inserted at the right
  • There are 4 main parts of your reflective essay- title page, abstract, body and reference


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How to Boost your Reflective Essay?


  • Make An Emotional Connection: you always need to connect with your audiences in the most emotional way. This can be done by infusing all your personal life stories added with real feelings. Here you can share all your emotions like joy, sorrows, achievement even failures.


  • Try to be Authentic: The reflective essays are mostly your own personal narrative. So, as much authentic a you can. Always speak from your heart and try to invoke your audiences also with you.


  • Show your Audiences: Your reflective essay should not be a more statement but a full reflection of all your emotions that you always need to portray or show to your audiences. In this way you can easily connect to your audiences emotionally.


  • Reflect and do not Recapitulate: A reflective essay as the name suggests needs your refection and not recaps. This means you need to shape your thoughts as well experiences in making the whole essay very much interesting to your audiences.


  • Write in an Organized Manner: You always need to organized your own thoughts while wring a reflective essay. Here, you need to outline your ideas in the best possible manner to create the best roadmap for your essay. All the points need to be arranged in a chronological manner and need to have a very constant as well seamless flow throughout the essay.


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Reflection Paper Writing Guide


Writing a reflection essay paper offers you with an opportunity to make use of your perusal experiences as well observations for sing your thinking. Reflective writing also helps you to boost your critical thinking abilities.


Experiential Reflection: These types of essay re very popular in various professional programs like nursing, business, social work, education, etc. and makes an important part in creating a connection between practical and theory. While you are reflecting your experience you not only describe your own experiences but also evaluate it base on your academic ideas.


Here you can also make an approach based on your own observations and practices added with more knowledge and skills. Thus, it creates an opportunity for thinking about your choices, accesses, actions as well failures within your framework.


The abstract concept is needed to be very much concrete and real within your anaerobic and you need to reflect your experiences by making proper plans.


Reading refection: This type of essay always encourages a band and thoughtful assessment of your readings. Here, your instructor will indicate to what they expect from your refection paper. Main objective of this reflection paper is to elicit the informed opinions about the ideas always presented in the text. This kind of reflection paper gives you an opportunity for recognizing and breaking down your own assumption as challenged by the popular text.


Final Thoughts


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