How to Write An Essay in MLA Format? Strategies and Quick Guide!


An MLA format essay is not uncommon for the associations and organizations for following a standard format as well writing style. The Associated Press (AP) and University of Chicago styles are the commonest in the professional settings.



The news outlets mostly prefer the AP style and the business creative agencies prefer the Chicago style. Academia commonly follows the MLA and APA styles. The APA comes from American Psychological Association to be used in scholarly articles.


The MLA format essay is suitable for the established style for citing references while formatting the essays by the Modern Language Association.


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Let’s Learn the MLA format and how to write an essay in MLA Format. Along with this publication, we will know more about things used during writing the essay paper.


How to Write Essay in Perfect MLA Format?


Know the general MLA guidelines and style: The MLA essay format is by far the most commonly used in the fields of humanities and arts. The style is quite flexible but there are a few rules to follow it.




1. Use proper formatting: set your default as Times New Roman, 12 point, set the paper margins 1 inch each side, use space after each period, write the first lines of each para one and half inch from the edge of the left margin. Use Double-space throughout your essay.


2. Do necessary corrections: Always write correct titles, citations, and the page numbers from the cover to the header. It is important in getting this information for the help of the readers readability of the paper. This includes the accurate and ample information protecting you from plagiarism.


You do not need to make the cover page until instructed by your professor. Always italicize longer titles in your paper. Type your name on the upper left corner of your first page. Next, type the name of your professor. Below this type the name of your course and finally write the date below.


3. Insert the page numbers of the upper right corner of your page. Ensure your last name is on the left side of the page indices. There needs to be a running header on all the pages of your paper. Center your essay title on the line below the date. You have sections then you need to use the numbered headings for dividing them like sectio1, section 2, section 3, etc.


In the text citations, you need to format them by the authors name and the page number in the parentheses. If you refer the same source multiple times, in one para with no other citation in that particular section, you can put the citation at the paragraph end. The end notes are to be cited in a separate page.


4. Understanding the cited work: MLA style uses a cited page of the works than a reference page. MLA 9 uses the container system to allow the flexibility by creating the 9 core elements within each container.


5. Using the basic work in cited format: The cited format is last name, first name, title, container title, contributors, number, version, publication date, publisher, location, etc. Each listed source needs to be something you have consulted and is mentioned in your paper. Book the titles, periodical names, website names, tv shows, album names, etc. needs to be italicized.


The online articles and titles to be written within quotation marks. List the sources in alphabetical order sorted by the author’s last name. If you are including the sources without the authors name, you can use the title as the 1st element entry. You can add the optional elements to the cited works entry by including the publication date, city, access date, URL, etc.


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Strategies and Guide for Essay in MLA Format


Essay writing format with structure: The essay may be informative, academic, or any     extended, a proper structure is essential for all of them. Ex: the IB extended essays have very strict needs that are followed by any assignment in academic style like Chicago, APA, MLA, etc.




Abstract: it is comprised of 3 paras and s about 300 words long with 100 words in each para

1st paragraph: It needs to include research question, thesis and an outline of the essay.

2nd para: the scope, limits and the key sources of the research

3 rd para: conclusion already specified by you in the essay before

Content table with page numbers

Research question


Introductory part





Work citation or bibliography


Research questions are needed


The outline format for the extended essay can be followed by you while writing your research essay and getting a proper research essay format specially for the MLA style. It is always very much important to remember that you always need to keep track of the resources to apply them for each step. Also check out the tips on how to write the essay introduction.


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When Writing Essay in MLA Format? Here You need to Follow Certain Rules and Guidelines which are as Follows:

  • Font size: 12pt Times New Roman
  • Double spacing: This makes your writing look cleaner and more presentable to the readers
  • Extra spaces to  be avoided in between paras: This will make more uniformity to the writing
  • Heading: heading to be written on the first place on the upper left corner of the page
  • Writer name: student name in your case in your case
  • Professor’s name: Your assessor’s name
  • Class: Your academic year
  • Date: the submission date
  • Margins: 1 inch margin at the top of each page, as well bottom, left and right
  • Page numbers: proper numbering and making page indices is always very important
  • Title: title to be written in a proper format and centered with same font size ad dimension as the rest of the essay
  • Indentation: press tab once
  • Proper alignment: align to the left side with even alignment
  • Editing and proofreading at the end: Proper proofreading and editing to make the entire writing absolutely flawless
  • Always remember that the MLA essay format is mostly used in humanities and differs from the other kinds of academic writings.


How to Create Correct MLA Style Citation in Essay?


The MLA style is very commonly used in arts subject while APA style is mostly used in social sciences. The source list has different names

  • Cited works differ the way they display original content name
  • While using the in text citations, the authors name is listed in the sentence with the page number at the end.
  • Writing an essay in APA format:
  • The APA is one of the commonest essay fomats and familiar with the requirements is very essential. In basic APA format structure similar guidelines list can be applied as the MLA section.
  • Using 12 pt times new roman
  • Using double spacing
  • Maintaining 1 inch margin on all sides
  • Page numbers: a header is inserted at the top left part of every page including a shortened title of the essay lower than 50 characters with punctuation. Place the number at the top right corner of each page.
  • Title page: It contains paper title name of the author, institutional affiliation, etc. Additional information can be needed like course title, date, instructor name.
  • Headings: all the handing are to be written in title case and bold. Various heading levels have different additional criteria to be applied


You Should know About it Because Some time Students Confused With APA and MLA Format


Before moving to APA essay format, it is essential to distinguish between the 2 types of formatting. The similarities are as follows:

  • Similar formatting styles like citation, spacing, indentation
  • All information used in the essay should be presented within the cited page, known as reference page in APA
  • Both types use parenthetical citations in the essay body for showing certain calculation or quotes
  • All the citations are listed alphabetically on the reference page




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