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Assignment Details:

  • Words: 4000


The Purpose and Context

This assignment will help you to be able to evaluate the performance of a company through a critical analysis of the company’s published financial statements.


Case Scenario

Research and use published financial data for the past four years from a company of your choosing and compose a thorough analysis of the company’s operations and performance health.


You are a financial consultant who has been asked to analyse the financial statements and annual reports of a corporation. You must include the following statements in your analysis:


  • Balance Sheet
  • Liquidity
  • Income Statement
  • Leverage
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Profitability


Assignment Instructions


1. Create a performance evaluation by analyzing the following performance measures: (25%)


  •  Profitability
  •  Efficiency
  •  Short-term Solvency
  •  Long-term Solvency
  •  Market-based Ratios


2. Suggest recommendations for improving the company business based of your report and research.


3. Recommend one new investment project to the company. The company wants to expand its business through an investment project, however, it can only capitalize 40% through own capital. (25%)


  • Indicate whether it is a good idea by using NPV and WACC.
  • Indicate whether the company must use its own cash or use retained Earning.


4. Decide whether or not the company should pay return earnings or not. (25%)



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