MBA402 Governance Ethics And Sustainability Assignment 

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  • Referencing Styles : Open
  • Pages : 3250
  • Course Code: MBA402
  • Course Title: MBA402 governance, ethics, and sustainability
  • University: Kaplan Business School
  • Country: UK




Wire card AG, a German payments processor, was once the darling among analysts and investors for its growth story. It went from a minor player to one of Germany’s biggest companies in just over a decade. Wire card has long been the subject of criticism amidst repeated allegations from whistle blowers, journalists, and speculators that its revenue and profits had been pumped up through fake transactions with obscure partners. In mid-June 2020, after scrapping its financial results for the fourth time and saying that €1.9 billion (about $2 billion) that went missing from its balance sheet probably did not actually exist, Wire card came under intense scrutiny, leading to the resignation and eventual arrest of its CEO (Business Insider France, June 2020).


Students should write a paper in which they critically review the Wire card case from a governance and ethics point of view.


1. Critically evaluate in approximately the nature of the Wire card accounting scandal.


2. Critically analyse the role of the different stakeholders (board/audit committee, CEO/CFO, internal audit department, external auditor, etc.) in the Wire card scandal.


3. Critically argue whether the external auditor (accountant) acted in compliance with relevant professional codes, laws, and regulations.


4.  Critically discuss the CEO’s behavior from various ethical perspectives.


The purpose of the final assignment is to apply the concepts and techniques learned throughout the Corporate Governance and Ethics module and critically engage with the related materials and literature in the field. Your grade on this assignment will be based on the quality of your analysis and the way you apply existing theories about governance and ethics to the financial scandal of your choice. Students should be able to discuss and explain the fundamental theories/views of governance and ethical theories relating to business, apply them to the financial scandal, and use relevant background research, supported by examples, citation, and a bibliography in Harvard format.


1. Define governance and explain its function in the effective management and control of organizations.


2. Analyse the most important mechanisms related to good corporate governance and board effectiveness.


3. Evaluate the role of the CFO/chief accountant in risk management and internal control, including review and compliance.


4. Evaluate the legal framework for corporate governance and the ethical conduct of companies.


5. Demonstrate an understanding of the professional values and judgments made, using an ethical framework that is seen to be in the best interests of society and the profession, in compliance with relevant professional codes, laws, and regulations.