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Students always find academic tasks challenging and annoying especially dissertation writing. They invest their time, energy, and give their hundred percent in drafting the Dissertation PDF. But still, they do not get the desired score which they are hoping for that’s why they seek for dissertation writing guide to fulfil academic requirements.


To a large extent, the rationale behind low grades is the lack of knowledge about the Dissertation format. On the other side, some of the students do not know about “How to write a dissertation chapter”? As a result, they are not able to fulfil the requirements of the professor.




When it comes to perfect and accurate dissertation format, numerous questions are pop up in the students’ minds. Even you may also be one of them who have the below-mentioned questions.


What Kinds of Dissertation Questions Disturbing the Student?


  • Which style is ideal to consider in drafting a dissertation?
  • What will be the Dissertation chapter’s outline and length?
  • How many chapters are in a dissertation?
  • Which chapter we should give the preference to first?
  • How to organize the time for drafting the perfect dissertation?
  • Which factors grab the attention of readers?
  • How to write a dissertation chapter?


The major reason behind all of the above-mentioned questions is a deep-inside overwhelming fear. There is no need to worry because drafting the best dissertation is not as cumbersome as you think. All you required is a deep understanding of dissertation headings and subheadings.


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How to Structure the Dissertation?


When it is a matter of writing a dissertation, you should know its chapters which you will need to add to it. You can also get the idea from dissertation format samples. But, here is clear-cut information about the Thesis chapter structure which you can consider.


 Let us discuss the important chapters that you must include while drafting the thesis.

  • Introduction
  • Literature reviews
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Discussions
  • Conclusion


Apart from these options, you need to add the abstract and reference list too in the dissertation.


Chapter-1 How To Write The Introduction Of The Dissertation?


Undoubtedly, chapters are the heart of the dissertation. It showcases your research, writing, and numerous other skills. So your first chapter of the dissertation is of introduction. You get the idea about this chapter from the Dissertation introduction example PDF.


In this chapter, you need to give an attractive introduction to your research. As it is the backbone of your dissertation, so you need to focus more on it. Make sure that you cover the answer to the following questions:

  • What are you investigating?
  • Why it is best to investigate
  • What are your aim and scope?
  • What will be the dissertation structure PDF?


If you do not know about dissertation introduction, take a hint from the Dissertation introduction example PDF.


Chapter-2 Literature Review


You make the map of your dissertation in the introduction chapter. Now is the time to move to the literature review which will be going to a second chapter. With the completion of the dissertation chapter 1 example, you need to work on the literature review.


In this, you will search about the recent existing research, such as what is the current saying of literature about the topic, how your research establishes in the big picture, and so on.


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Chapter-3 Methodology


By considering the Dissertation plan template, your third chapter will be named the Methodology. In this section, you need to explicate the by which way you have done your research. You need to include various following aspects in it:

  • Overall approach and type of research
  • Ways of collecting the data
  • Add information about with whom you collect the details
  • The tool you utilized in the research
  • Discussion of the barrier that you experience
  • Justification if your methods


Chapter-4 Results


Next, you need to add the result of your deep research. You can create the results section as per the Dissertation structure PDF. To make this chapter enjoyable, you can work on adding the section of sub-questions, hypotheses, and many more.


Additionally, draw the table, chart, and graph to represent your data to make your result section scanning. Due to it, the reader can easily scan the output that you get after doing deep research.


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Chapter-5 Discussions


According to the Dissertation structure template, after the result, you need to focus on the discussions. In this portion, you need to work on exploring the meaning and implication of your result.


If you get the results beyond your thinking level, you need to add its explanation like why it is so. Additionally, it is recommendable to mention the alternative interpretations.


Chapter-6 Conclusion


Add the concise answer of your research in the conclusion. Make sure that, you do not add any extra information which is different from your research. The reason is that its conclusion is about wrapping all the ideas not about adding new ideas.


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Along with it, you need to include recommendations related to your research or practice.


Apart from these chapters, do not forget to add the reference list in your Thesis structure example.


How to Draft the Best Reference List?


Do not forget to mention the reference list in your dissertation. In this list, add all the sources from which you get the information about your research. To write the reference list, you must know a consistent reference style.


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