Difference Between Dissertation and Thesis You Need to Know on a Different Basis


Thesis and dissertation are approximately the same kinds of assignment writing in higher degree courses. But students somehow find themselves confused over the terms’ Thesis’ and ‘Dissertation’. Let us make this clear and elaborate; the difference between a thesis and a dissertation.




What is the difference between a dissertation and a thesis?


There are unavoidable differences between the two terms according to the students. Though they are sometimes used interchangeably. Considering the similarities, they are similar in their structure, as both contain

  • an introduction,
  • literary review,
  • body,
  • conclusion,
  • bibliography and
  • appendix

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Basic Thesis and Dissertation Differences


Among all other significant differences between a thesis and a dissertation, the foremost is when they are completed. The thesis is a project completed and submitted by the student at the end of a master’s program, while the dissertation is given to students during doctoral study.


Difference based on the purpose


The prime difference between a thesis and dissertation is their intended purpose.


A thesis is essential to attain a master’s degree. It is supposed to test a student’s understanding of his or her field of study. While the thesis a student formulates with a purpose and research based on previous work done by others in the same area. The students analyze this previous work.

A dissertation is generally a doctorate student’s cup of tea and focuses on original research. A student assigned with a dissertation must come up with a subject of their field that hasn’t already been researched earlier. The student then needs to come with a hypothesis and do original research to prove or disprove the hypothesis. While a thesis is a compilation of research that ensures a student is knowledgeable about the information learnt throughout the graduation program.


The best thing about a dissertation writing is that it brings an opportunity to the student during a doctorate program for contributing new knowledge, theories or practices to their respective field.


Fundamental Differences Between a Thesis and a Dissertation


Some people ask, what is a thesis in a dissertation? Well, it has a structural difference. A master’s thesis is like lots of research papers you are acquainted with from undergrad. You research a topic, analyze and then comment upon the information collected and how it relates to the particular subject matter at hand.

The fundamental difference from the dissertation is to show your ability to think analytically about a topic and to discuss the information in-depth knowledgeably.

While in a dissertation, students have to utilize others’ research merely as guidance to prove your unique hypothesis, theory or concept.



Is it a master’s thesis or dissertation?


The thesis is written in the Master’s Program. The master’s thesis is shorter than a dissertation. There is a significant difference in length between the Dissertation and Thesis. A master’s thesis encompasses at least 100 pages in length, or beyond that.



How long is a dissertation?


A doctoral dissertation has to be much longer than a master’s thesis, as they comprise of a great deal of background and research information, along with every detail of your proposal and how you reached the information implying citation.

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