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How International Distribution Systems Might Be Chosen, And The Challenges Of Running Overseas Manufacturing Operations.


There are diverse categories of challenges which are faced by the commercial establishments of UK such as maintaining the structure of the organization, maintaining the foreign laws and international trade regulations, calculation of the costs, selection of the appropriate shipping methods, communication difficulties and managing the cultural differences when they enter the Asian market.


The notable determination of this assignment is to focus on how different business sectors faces and addresses these business challenges. This paper shall be having numerous sections and each of the section will be very much useful to enhance the reliability of the paper.


There are diverse categories of distributed systems which are deployed in the commercial business organization which are very much useful for the business computations. Considering the business challenges faced by the UK organizations, it can be said that the choice of the selection of the distributed system must be directly depended on the type of data which comes inside and out of the organizations (Roberts, 2016). The usability of the systems in accordance with the available resources must also be understood before the selection of the exact distribution system. Processing power of the computer systems and the storage issues of the computer systems has to be understood in the first place before choosing the exact distributed system.


There are diverse categories of commercial challenges which are faced by the commercial business organizations of UK in terms of the managing the unfamiliar culture, management of the organizational communication procedure, selection of the human resources,  selection of the tariff and export fees.


The prime positives of the UK based commercial establishments in UK are as followings:

  • Huge inflow of capital.
  • Reduced government regulations of the Asian countries.
  • Local employment


The disproportionate difference in the process of the products and service between the UK based organizations and the Asian countries is one of the primary reasons behind the cause of price escalation (Snelson-Powell, Grosvold & Millington, 2016). There are diverse categories of additional and overhead costs in the Asian markets which is the other reason behind the cause of price escalations.


There are diverse categories of global pricing strategies which are adopted by the commercial business operations of UK on their Asian market such as the competition based pricing strategies, skimming pricing strategies, hourly pricing strategies, dynamic pricing strategies, and cost plus pricing strategies (Neubert, 2017). Each of these pricing strategies are selected based on the business requirements and the abilities of the resources of the UK based organizations. The other selection criteria of these strategies is the competition coming from the local competitors of Asia.


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Negative Challenges of Running Overseas Problems


The R&D teams of each UK based organizations uses diverse categories of research procedures while they work on the Asian markets (Sarker et al., 2018). Brier description of these research are discussed in this section of the paper.


The cultural differences between the British and the Asian people are understood by the UK commercial organizations with the help of the monthly newsletters which are released by the Asian commercial organizations (Chong, 2016). The other secondary data source which are selected by the UK organizations in the Asian market is the peer reviewed journals where the reputed scholars have stated their opinions how the challenges faced by the overseas commercial organizations are addressed.


The selection of the international market place depends upon the data collected from the primary sources such as the strategic planners of the similar organizations. The evolution of business patterns can be understood in the first place with the help of the primary data collection.


Communication is very much significant for the UK based commercial organizations as the strategic planners of the UK based organizations must be knowing the exact expectation of the Asian consumers (Yuesti et al., 2018). The positioning of the business from the global perspective has to be clear for both the management team as well for the consumers of the business.


It can also be said that the concept of internationalism can be very much beneficial for these business organization who wants to expand their business area outside Europe.


However, there are few challenges related with internationalism which the labour laws of the Asian countries, selection of the choice based products, governmental regulations and the competitive market conditions.


There are diverse categories of UK based commercial business organizations which operates in the Asian countries such as Deloitte Haskins & Sells LLP and Accenture Services Pvt Ltd.


Accenture Services Pvt Ltd is a UK based public sector organization which provides diverse categories of services such as the diverse categories of emerging technologies, consulting services, and the strategic advises to the consumers (Deloitte UK, 2020).


Deloitte Haskins & Sells LLP is a type of professional service organization which provide services like auditing, taxation, financial advisors, risk advisors and the management of the legal issues (Accenture, 2020).


Organization Positives Negatives
Deloitte The wide range of services provided by this organization provides huge employment to the Asian countries where getting a job is really very difficult. The local organizations of Asian are hugely affected from the financial perspective due to the presence of this business organization.
Accenture The business objectives and the vision of the Asian business organizations is enhanced due to the services provided by this organization. Psychological dependency is one of the most significant limitation of this organization as they try to enact their UK based processes in the Asian Market.




Data management capability and expertise of the resources are the selection criteria of the distributed systems. Management of the unfamiliar culture, management of the communication and selection of the human resources are the prime challenges faced by UK based organization in Asia. Disproportionate price of services is the major cause of price escalations and the selection of the global pricing strategic depends upon the criteria the abilities of the resources and the role of local market competitors of Asia. Both secondary and primary data collection are conducted by the organization to deal with these business challenges. The negatives and positives of two UK based organization can also be understood from the concluding section of this paper.


The list of recommendation regarding the ways to address the challenges faced by UK based organizations are as followings:


Needs of the Asian consumers must be understood by the organizations.


Psychological dependence must be eliminated by the managers of the organizations.




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