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A. your prior experience with this child should not be factored in
B. not to view indicators in isolation
C. indicators will always be of a physical nature and will be visible
D. the explanation for the presenting concern is irrelevant


Answer: A. not to view indicators in isolation


When physicians notice signs of abuse or mistreatment in a kid, they should consider the entire clinical picture rather than making snap judgments. A variety of actions, including physical, psychological, sexual, and neglectful ones, are considered forms of maltreatment. Singling out or isolating a particular sign could lead to an oversimplified understanding of the child’s situation.

It is imperative that we recognize indicators as one of the components whose proper operation guarantees a child’s harmonious growth in all domains—behaviour, surroundings, and relationships. Based on the complete assessment, the evaluation should consider all indications simultaneously and concentrate on various information sources. In order to accomplish this, agencies could build response protocols by using a system level approach.