Leadership in Strategic Management Assessment Coursework

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  • Subject: Management
  • Number of Words*: 4000
  • Citation/Referencing Style: Havard


The focus of the paper is a deeper analysis of a different organisational issue with the emphasis on providing a critique of the appropriate academic theory/ theorist and / or model, which could be applied to support the development of the organisation to improve its leadership/management. Students should produce a critical evaluation of how leadership e.g. competencies affect the design, planning and implementation of corporate strategy and demonstrate a critical awareness of the organisation so that an effective understanding of organisational problems and opportunities can be developed when considering leadership.


In the submission the students are encouraged to address following areas:


  1. Students should clearly describe the organizational issue being dealt with and its holistic impact on the organisation.
  2. Student are expected to critically evaluate the relationship between strategic leadership and management in the selected organisation
  3. Students are required to produce a set of SMART recommendations incorporating models learned in the classroom as well as evidencing wide reading on the concept of leadership.
  4. This is an academic essay and must, therefore, include substantial evidence of theoretical underpinning and research as well as a clear application to practice and correct Harvard referencing.


In addition to above areas – your report should include a 500 word summary of your learning. You should:


  • Effectively identify and own your individual leadership development requirements using a variety of appropriate diagnostic tools e.g. Leadership Trait Questionnaire ( LTQ)Plan the development of
  • these skills, supporting their plan with appropriate use of academic theory and learning theories e.g. Kolb‟s learning theory
  • Place your plans in an organisational or industry context creating clear links to organizational strategy/strategies incorporating appropriate professional reflection at relevant intervals