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  • Words: 500


Ankit Singh and Mahima Deshmukh, passed out from the same college with approximately the same percentage and got placed in the same organization but with different job roles. Ankit was in Finance, however, Mahima was in HR. Despite great performance, Ankit resigned after 2 years. When asked he stated multiple reasons for the same.  He said:  “Whenever Mahima and I enter together, the security guard salutes me but whenever I enter alone he doesn’t.”  “Whenever we both eat in the cafeteria, people come and talk to us but when I am alone, nobody recognizes me.”  These small things have started making him feel worthless as an employee  Being a HR manager, how will you make Ankit understand the reason behind it and convince him to continue with the organization?  Describe various steps that you, as HR personnel would undertake in order to Welcome a new Joinee and make him/her feel comfortable with the new organization.


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