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Native Bush Spices Australia




At the moment, in the world, customers have more power than ever. Sometimes customer has a complain about goods, delivery and services. Customer feedback important to service and that store. If customer will be complain to our store?


The answer is simple. Your customers complain. Complain has two way:


  1. You can decide the problem on time YOUR BUSINESS GROWING UP quickly.
  2. If you cannot do this your business NEVER GROWING UP.


  1. Conversation with angry customer (email)
  • Customer email:


To: Coffeeville


From: Nick


Subject: Complain


Hi. I am writing to complain to about the delivery of my order, № 123456. It is not been delivered until now. I’ve booked for 5 days. Before I was waiting three days. What happen for your company? If your company don’t delivery to me my order, what should I do? I have too many complain and I am upset now.


  • Reply to:


From: Coffeeville


To: Nick


Subject: Complain


Thanks so much for your email. I am sorry that you’re disappointed with our product. I’d love to help where can I pass your suggestions along to our team but I need just a bit more time before doing this. I definitely understand how it can be frustrating to sign up for a service and have it not delivery the way you think it should, so hopefully we can get this sorted out for you. If not, I’ll be happy to issue you a refund for the money you spend on your upgrade.




  • My opinion, Advise (about angry customer)


My experience about customer service is “Customers satisfaction is the key to a successful business” and “if you not satisfied stay with me, let me know, I will fixing this things.


Certainly,  how can I dealing with angry customer. It is so difficult. I have to choose correct words.


Customer service refers to a series of activities by a business person that lead to the final satisfaction of the customer.  I always thought that I entailed designing ways of dealing with different people at the place of work. You MUST:


  1. You should listen carefully that complaint.
  2. Do not win the argument with customer.
  3. Be Decide the problems on time
  4. Always contact with customer until I decide.


What NOT TO SAY to an angry customer!


Why are you so angry? Do not say this word never, you do not win the argue with customer. Customer service is important to your job. There are two service,


  1. Bad customer service-
  • Cannot contact a customer
  • Cannot decide the problems on time
  • Not accepting customer feedback


  1. Good customer service-
  • Decide the problem on time
  • All at the time smiling at customers
  • Carrying of customer at all time.
  • Sometimes get discount to customer
  • Give to customer free gift


If you choose BAD service to customer, you will lose your job. However, how can you talk to customer, I have experience:


  1. Customer Service Report


Identification of changes necessary to maintain customer service standards

Proposed Changes to maintain Customer Service Standards:


We have to analyse current customer service culture and to build a plan to create a better culture. The plan should include the following:


  1. running team information sessions
  2. mentoring and/or coaching new and existing staff
  3. consultation with good interpersonal, technical and teamwork skills


People at all level of the organization will have responsibilities for implementing actions to build a positive customer service culture. They may have some responsibility for conducting intensive coaching and training. James Huskson, the customer service manager, will be responsible for evaluating customer feedback and service performance with a view to strengthening the organisation’s service culture. The entire budget for training should be utilized wisely to bring benefits to the customer service quality.


Two recommendations for improvement of service delivery


Before discussing the improvement of service delivery, the “principles of customer service” to contribute effectively to the implementation of customer service strategies must be strongly followed.


How recommendations reflect organizational needs and priorities?


Answer: Meeting expectations


The single most important driver of satisfaction is that services meet expectations. People are more likely to say that a service meets their expectations when staff:


  • listen to them, understand their circumstances and treat them as an individual
  • know about the services the organisation offers and can help
  • communicate in a clear and simple way
  • treat them with respect
  • are customer focused – friendly, polite and approachable
  • follow through or do what they say they will do.


Principles of customer service


  1. Support customers as a team- Customer service is a team sport
  2. Listen to customers – Some successful startups have the customer support team present customer feedback at every company meeting.
  3. Know your product. – The more your customer support team knows about your product, the better they’ll be at servicing it.
  4. Remember every second counts- Customers hate to wait. So give your agents the help desk software they need to support customers as efficiently as possible.


A discussion of two or three possible future directions for customer service strategies. Explain how organisational needs and priorities will be met.


  • Our future direction for customer service:
  • Give all your employees excellent product knowledge
  • Train employees in customer empathy
  • Build infrastructure that supports great customer service
  • Resolve customer issues at their first point of contact
  • Empower your employees to make customers happy
  • Deliver on your promises
  • Make it personal.


An implementation schedule for customer service performance monitoring and reporting activities for the 2017/2018 financial year. Schedule activities for treatment of data.


From CoffeeVille business plan FY 2017/2018




To provide the finest coffee to retail and wholesale customers and the most responsive and effective customer service possible.




Within five years, CoffeeVille will have established itself as a premier provider of gourmet coffee and food for the ethically and socially aware Melbourne coffee drinker. CoffeeVille will have expanded to a number of key locations in the Melbourne CBD. CoffeeVille will have established an online presence for business customers.




  • Customer-focus.
  • Actively encourage excellence, innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Work collaboratively and consultatively with integrity, professionalism and teamwork.
  • Recognise the diversity and expertise of CoffeeVille employees.


Strategic directions


The strategic context in which CoffeeVille will achieve its mission and vision is through:


  • engaging with customers with excellent customer service to increase sales volume
  • reducing expenditure and achieving financial control over expenses
  • supporting innovative thinking, customer service, management and leadership skills through training
  • creating a high-performing organisation.




Al of Customer complaints are important. And I think, there’s no better way to collect direct feedback from your customers and improve your product or service.


However, the way you handle a complaint is the difference between keeping a customer or losing one. So, the next time you receive a customer complaint, listen to what the customer has to say, apologize  find a solution and follow up to see if he or she is happy with the way you are handling it.


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