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Topic : Project Management


Pages/Words : 2 Pages/500 Words


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(1).   a) Define a project. Enumerate the characteristics which help differentiate projects from other functions carried out in the daily operations of an organization? (2.5 pts.)


b) How are projects linked to an organization’s strategic plan? Discuss using an appropriate example (2.5pts)


(2).   Although project management may seem overwhelming at times, breaking it down into distinct cycles can help PM team manage even the most complex projects and use time and resources more wisely? Discuss the Phases of Project Management Lifecycle using an appropriate example. (5pts)


(3).Discuss the major Project Management knowledge areas and implications to project managers in detail.(5pts)


(4).   a) Projects are often completed late. Describe the techniques you would use as a project manager to improve the accuracy and reliability of your project schedule. In responding to the above points, be sure to: Critique project theory based on your experience and understanding. This is important –don’t just “regurgitate” the theory Provide examples, data or other relevant information to support your discussion. Examples can be from work experience, research, study group experience, for example. They should demonstrate the theoretical points you are asserting in the questions. (2.5pts)


b) Identify five common project risk strategies employed to address threats that your project may face. Give an example of each. (2.5pts)


(5).   During the execution of a project, a risk is identified by a team member. This newly identified risk is currently not in the Risk Register. As a Project Manager, what is the first action you would take after being notified of the risk?(5pts)


Project Management – Group Assignment Nov. 2019


Case 1


On February 5, 1997, the IBM Project Management Centre of Excellence (PMCOE) was born with a charter to drive IBM’s transition to and support of professional project management worldwide, a competency deemed necessary to ensure effectiveness and success within a matrix enterprise.


Since its inception, the IBM PMCOE—working hand in hand with all business units worldwide—ensured that we became a project-based enterprise that applies and integrates project Management disciplines into all core business processes and systems.


The initial charter drove more consistent and broader use of project management disciplines, including the formalization of the position of project manager throughout our organization.


Over time, the IBM PMCOE has driven the transformation and integration of project management into the fabric of the organization. Our professionals are more experienced and capable in their abilities to get their work done using project management disciplines.


In addition to being one of the world’s largest IT and consulting services company, IBM is a global business and technology leader, innovating in research and development to shape the future of society at large.


Today, we see ourselves as much more than an Information Technology Company. In April 2016, IBM’s Chairman, President and CEO, Ginni Rometty described the dawn of a new era, shaped by AI computing and cloud platforms. She described how the IT industry is fundamentally re-ordering at an unprecedented pace. In response, IBM is becoming much more than a “hardware, software, services” company. We are emerging as an AI solutions and cloud Platform Company.


Fundamental to the success of this transformation is the skills and abilities of our workforce. We are being challenged to be relevant to the marketplace of tomorrow. As a focus on continuous learning, we have Think 40 where we are encouraged to spend 40 hours every year to up-skill.


We are encouraged to have a point of view, be socially eminent and be comfortable in a customer facing situation. We are provided with the tools and techniques, including new ways of learning such as video, gaming and interactive eLearning techniques to enable this objective. New phrases and concepts are creeping into the everyday vocabulary of our teams, such as agile, design thinking, calculated risk-taking and better collaboration.


IBM’s PMCOE is no exception to this transformation—and 2017 marked the 20th anniversary of the Center of Excellence, which clearly shows our ongoing commitment to project management as a key profession within the corporation.


Our PM curriculum is delivered globally and across all lines of business, helping to drive a consistent base of terminology and understanding across the company. And our project and program management profession has established an end-to end process to “quality assure” progress through the project management career path.




A).  Referring to the extract, the company reorganized to include project management in its operations. With this in mind, justify why companies have an increased interest in project management in recent times.


B).  Over time, the IBM PMCOE has driven the transformation and integration of project management into the fabric of the organization”. Evident from this assertion is that this company has and continues to align projects to its strategy.


  1. Discuss (in a paragraph) the importance of aligning projects to strategy.
  2. Justify with real life examples why the project manager should understand the strategic position of the firm.


C).  You have been appointed the project manager at IBM, a company operating in a fast paced IT market. You wish to emphasize to the company bosses the need to establish sound project priority system, and highlight some of the techniques you would employ in selecting projects fairly. Write a discussion of not more than one page in account of these two aspects.


Case 2


ABC Metals is an original equipment manufacturer of metal working equipment. The majority of Sami’s business is as a supplier to the automotive, appliance, and building products industries. Each production line is custom designed according to application, industry, and customer requirements.


Project managers are assigned to each purchase order only after the sales department has a signed contract. The project managers can come from anywhere within the company. Basically, anyone can be assigned as a project leader. The assigned project leaders can be responsible for as many as ten purchase orders at one time.


In the past, there has not been enough emphasis on project management. At one time, ABC even assigned trainees to perform project coordination. All failed miserably. At one point, sales dropped to an all-time low, and cost overruns averaged 20–25 percent per production line.


In January 2018, the board of directors appointed a new senior management team that would drive the organization to excellence in project management. Project managers were added through recruitment efforts and a close examination of existing personnel. Emphasis was on individuals with good people and communication skills.


The following steps were implemented to improve the quality and effectiveness of the project management system:


  • Outside formal training for project managers
  • Development of an apprenticeship program for future project managers
  • Modification of the current methodology to put the project manager at the focal point
  • Involvement of project managers to a greater extent with the customer




  1. What problems can you see in the way project managers were assigned in the past?
  2. Will the new approach taken in 2018 put the company on a path to excellence in project management?
  3. What skill set would be ideal for the future project managers at ABC Metals?
  4. What overall cultural issues must be considered in striving for excellence in project management?
  5. What time frame would be appropriate to achieve excellence in project management? What assumptions must be made?



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