BSBCRT512 Originate and Develop Concepts Assessment Help

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BSBCRT512 Originate and Develop Concepts


Assignment Details:

  • Words: 2000


Section 1: Scoping a relevant issue


About the organisation


Provide an overview of the organisation and product/services/programs. Briefly describe key operational processes within the organisation. Identify at least three stakeholders (internal and external) Describe how the stakeholders related to the organisation’s operations.


Select issue


Select one issue to focus on for the remainder of this assessment. List all issues mentioned at the meeting Describe the selected issue Explain your rationale for selecting the specific issue List any restrictions on potential solutions due to your job role or organisational policy. Attach proof of your consultation (e.g. video, email trail to this section of the portfolio (if not already viewed in person by your assessor).


Creative thinking techniques


Identify and describe at least four creative thinking techniques that you can use to generate innovative and creative concepts to address the selected issue.




Summarise any information related to your identified issue and any potential solutions. Consider: whether they are already addressing


  • a list of preliminary solutions
  • competitor information, including:


    • competitor’s name
    • products/services they offer the issues you identified or looking at similar opportunities
    • any unique approaches they may have.


market information


  • best practice examples
  • Any other relevant internal information


Factors impacting on ideas


Identify at least four factors that can be used to assess the feasibility of potential solutions. Explain how each of your identified factors consider:


  • commercial potential
  • target audience/purpose
  • implementation


Note: these factors will be used to evaluate solutions in Section 2.


Section 2: Generating and evaluating solutions


Potential solutions


Describe the creative thinking techniques used at the brainstorming meeting. Summarise the outcomes of the brainstorming session. List at least four potential solutions to your identified issue.


Attach proof of your brainstorming session (e.g. video, screen recording of virtual meeting) to this section of the portfolio (if not already viewed in person by your assessor).


Evaluate solutions


Use the work done in Section 1 of your Project Portfolio to evaluate the viability of each potential solution. In your evaluation, include:


  • an assessment of each solution against the factors that affect viability
  • a comparison of each solution with best practice approaches of similar products, process, services or programs and explain whether your ideas stand out.


Select solution


Based on the evaluation above, select one solution to present to stakeholders. Explain your reason(s) for selecting the specific solution. Provide at least two advantages and two disadvantages of the solution.


Practical/operationa l issues


Identify and describe at least three resources that are required to implement the solution. Evaluate and discuss at least two constraints on the realisation of the solution. Outline at least three issues and requirements to commercialise the concept.




List the relevant stakeholders responsible for making decisions regarding the development and implementation of your solution. Create a written proposal (e.g. using MS Word or MS PowerPoint) that may be provided to stakeholders outlining:


  • The issue being addressed
  • Potential solutions
  • Chosen solution
  • Reasons for the solution Attach your proposal top this section of the Project Portfolio.




Prepare to present your proposal (e.g. using MS PowerPoint) to relevant stakeholders. Who are the stakeholders?


Section 3: Concept finalisation




Reflect on the methods you used to generate concepts and ideas and document ways you think you could improve this in the future.




Refine and finalise your proposed solution taking the feedback into account.


Attach proof (e.g. modified Project Proposal document) to this section of the portfolio.


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