SBS – MSC International Health Law Assessment Help


Words: 3500


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Answer all the questions.



1.  Does globalization promote or denote global health? Justify your answer with relevant arguments and suitable references. (Minimum 1000 words- 25 Marks)



2.  COVID-19 pandemic has stricken the globe with a major negative impact on world’s economy, global health and overall wellbeing of human population. Nations across the globe more or less strived to take strict measures to control the spread of this pandemic. Consequently, global states had to inflict some restrictive strategies in the form of travel restrictions and national crisis management programs which affected the lives of millions of people. What international health laws/ acts/ concepts warrant these regional and international control mechanisms making these apparently restrictive measures fairly legitimate for the sake of protecting global health and overall wellbeing?                                                            (Minimum 1500 words- 35 Marks)


3.  Explain the role of WHO in sustaining global health and wellbeing(Minimum 1000 words- 25 Marks)


  • Kindly note that 5 marks are allotted for references.



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