502TH Hospitality &tourism in Human Resource Management

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  • Referencing Styles: Harvard
  • Pages: 3250
  • Course Code: 502TH
  • Course Title: Human Resource Management in Tourism and Hospitality
  • University: Conventry University
  • Country: UK



Working as the Human Resource Manager for the Penta Hotel, Birmingham. You are required to fill the vacant position of Guest Services Manager. The recruitment and selection process must follow a systematic process to ensure the companies standard operating procedures are followed relating to equality and diversity.


1. Design a job advert that will be published on the Penta Hotels website for the position of Guest Services Manager, Birmingham.


2. Prepare a maximum of 10 interview questions suitable to ask applicants for the vacant position.


3. Carry out an interview using these questions on a randomly selected class member. You may probe further to help the candidates understanding of the questions.


4. Evidence and record the interview process including transcripts and any other methods used to score the candidates answers.


5. Conduct a evaluation of the interview process including a rationale for your questioning and recommendations for improvement.


Identify the managers’ role and responsibilities for managing human resources within the Hospitality and Tourism industry.


Analyse the skills required for effective management in the Hospitality and Tourism industry, on a national and international level.


Adapt Functions Of HRM In Tourism And/Or Hospitality Organisations.


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