CHEM 30- Organic Chemistry Assignment Answer

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  • Referencing Styles : APA
  • Words: 1500
  • Course Code: CHEM 30
  • Course Title: Chemistry
  • University: Acadia university
  • Country: CA




Option 2: Create a polymer with the longest stretch To test the “stretchiness” of your polymer, we will use a meter stick as well. For the test, hold one end of the putty and allow gravity to stretch the material. Measure the length of the putty before it breaks.Complete three separate stretch tests and find the average length.Observations In this section, you need to include two things:


1. A qualitative description of your final polymer


2. A graph that shows the stretch/test results throughout your design process. (I would recommend using Microsoft Excel for this graph). This can be any type of graph you think would represent this data the best.


Discussion Questions

1. How does the addition of sodium borate change the physical properties of the poly(vinyl alcohol) solution?Explain using what you know about chemical bonding.


2. Below you can see the reaction mechanism for the cross-linking reaction. What type of organic reaction is present in step 5?


3. In your own words, explain what a polymer is.


4. Give an example of a commercial product that is made from a polymer.Explain how the underlying inter molecular and intra molecular structure of the selected polymer meet the needs of the purpose of the product.


5. What measures could you have taken to improve your design further? Explain how these changes would have helped make the putty more stretchy/bouncy.