What are the Research Topics?


A research topic is a subject topic that you can be interested in while conducting any research. A definite research topic is the very beginning of a good research paper. Selecting a topic in any process allows you to explore, refine and define the ideas.


Research Paper Topics and Ideas


How to Write a Research Paper?


Understanding the assignment: If you complete your research paper successfully, you can accomplish the entire needed task for yourself. Before starting, always ensure that you thoroughly understand the assignment thoroughly.


  • Read it very carefully and clarify all your doubts.
  • Identify the ultimate goal of your assignment and deadline: formatting, length, as well submission method.
  • You can make a bulleted list of all the key points and go back and complete all the items.
  • Consider your time frame very carefully, with a word limit. Here, you need to be realistic, plan well, and get enough time to restart, write and edit.


Conducting the preliminary research: Note down the discussion related to your topic. You need to find an issue to focus on while writing the paper. Here, you can use a variety of sources like books, journals, and websites to ensure quality.


Apart from verifying the ideas, you also need resources that might contradict your viewpoint.


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Developing the thesis statement: It is a statement that states your central argument within the research paper. This establishes the position and purpose of your paper. When you start with a research question, the thesis statement answers it. This also shows the usable evidence and reasoning for supporting the answer.


This thesis statement needs to be concise, coherent, and contentious. It needs to summarize briefly your argument in one or two sentences. Ere, it would help if you made a choice that needs less evidence or analysis to make a coherent point relating to the whole assignment writing paper.


Write the very first draft of your research paper:


  • This will help you sustain a good momentum in writing. It will also help you maintain a very clear and organised paragraph flow.
  • Here you can express your own ideas very clearly.
  • Here, you need to write an introduction and begin quite naturally. Some students tried to finish the tough part of the paper first, while others chose to start with the easiest. Your research paper outline will help you in doing so.
  • Do not delete the biggest sections of your text; if you do not like anything you write, move that part into a decent document. But only delete it partially, or who can lose things that can be useful later?


Structuring Your Paragraph


Paragraphs are the basic building blocks of our research paper. Each paragraph needs to focus on one single claim or idea to help establish the overall argument or the paper’s purpose.


Writing the Introduction


This is the setting part of your research paper. This needs to be started but interring. After writing the introduction, your readers need to know what your paper is about and why your writing is worth reading, and they will also be very interested in your strong arguments.


Writing the Body Part


It would help if you always wrote a compelling body paragraph. A major issue faced by the students in the body part of the essay paper is how to organize all the information in the paper.


Your outline is a guide, and you can be quite flexible while writing to maintain a proper order for presenting all the information and arguments. You can stay on track by the following:


  • Write the topic serve against the thesis statement.
  • Writing the topic series against each other for logical ordering
  • Always be aware of the paras that cover similar things. If 2 paras are discussing something familiar, they need to approach the topic in various ways. You will always aim to create smooth transitions between the sentences, sections and paras.


Writing the Conclusion


  • The conclusion of a research paper is designed to help the reader to find the paper’s argument.
  • Trace through the paper by focusing on how it comes together to prove the thesis statement. You can give your paper a sense of finally by ensuring the readers understand how you can solve the issues raised in the introductory part.
  • Here, you can also draw the general conclusions of the German argent and outline what your paper is offering.


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How Do You Choose a Good Research Paper Topic for Writing?


There are a number of ways to choose a topic. It starts from brainstorming to discussing with fellow students or professors.


  • Free writing can be practised. This involves choosing a broad topic and writing on it continuously for 2-3 minutes to identify anything relevant as well as interesting.
  • Here, you can also get some inspiration from other researchers. The recommendation sections of the research papers can include ideas from the other major topics that need to be studied.
  • If you choose a broad subject area, you need to narrow it down to an engaging topic. Your chosen topic should also need the criteria of your own subject area.
  • The idea needs to be original and specific to your research aim.
  • Always try to choose a research topic that interests you the most. In this way, you will find more pleasure in researching and writing on the topic.


Creating the Research Paper Outline


A research paper outline is a list of the key topics, evidence, and arguments to be included and edited into proper sections with proper headings. A structured outline can make your writing process better.


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Types of Research Papers


  • Analytical paper
  • Cause and effect paper
  • Argumentative paper
  • Survey paper
  • Compare and contrast paper
  • Experimental paper
  • Interpretative paper
  • Definition paper


List of  230+ Research Paper Topics and Ideas 


College Research Paper Topics


  1. Challenges of deafness and communication among deaf people
  2. Concept of the Global Health Security
  3. How to reduce environmental pollution
  4. How to make your home free from air pollution
  5. How to be aware of infectious diseases
  6. Explain climatic change issues
  7. Privacy factor vs personal health issues
  8. Role of fitness ads in gym practices
  9. Healthy food standards are not unbiased
  10. Can social media play a role in healthcare benefits?


Health Research Paper Topics


  1. How effective is telemedicine for elderly patient care
  2. Effects of plant-based diet on chronic diseases
  3. Effect of compromised immunity on cancer patients
  4. Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in modern medicine and treatment
  5. Role of gut microbiome in psychological conditions like anxiety and depression
  6. Effectiveness of mindfulness meditation in reducing long-lasting pains
  7. Pros and cons of electronic health records
  8. Does environmental pollution play any role in the quality of breast milk?
  9. Modern treatment methods to treat genetic disorders, like stem cell therapy
  10. How social determinants play a role in chronic diseases in Asia


Medicine Research Paper Topics


  1. Outcomes of anti-biotic prescriptions in European patents for infectious diseases
  2. How to treat acute respiratory tract infection and pneumonia
  3. Functional Declines in elderly home care
  4. Advanced care planning for seriously ill elderly patients
  5. How to permit a healthy diet among patients having substantial disorders
  6. Evaluate medical simulation training
  7. Aryl hydrocarbon receptor vs immunotherapy
  8. Better Treatment for Acute Sinusitis in Primary Health Care (BASIC) uses
  9. BEACH protein usefulness
  10. How to build a behaviour model for the patients


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Education Research Paper Topics


  1. How to fight against bullying in schools and colleges
  2. How to teach children
  3. Today’s role of technology in Child Education
  4. Special school for differently abled children
  5. How do we meet the needs and demands of the teachers?
  6. Can college graduates make enough money?
  7. Can the cost of primary education be reduced?
  8. Can standardized testing boost today’s education system?
  9. How effective are the modern teaching methods in our society
  10. National standardized tests vs. local control of education


Environmental Research Paper Topics


  1. How to deal with endemic wildlife
  2. Significance of national parks on health
  3. How to reduce environmental pollution
  4. Effects of acid rains
  5. Ways of air and water purification
  6. Global impact of the tectonic movements
  7. Is environmental pollution one of the biggest reasons for the rising pandemic across the globe?
  8. How to save our ecosystem
  9. How can recycling help the environment
  10. Effects of climatic change


Research Topics on Entertainment and Sport


  1. Influence of proper nutrition on the performance of athletes
  2. A detailed study of doping in sports
  3. How can sorting psychology help enhance a player’s performance
  4. Effect of Concussions on American Football (AF)
  5. Relationship between sports and nationalism
  6. Impact of the technological advancements in the sports world
  7. Economic aspects of sports
  8. Violence In Sports
  9. Betting issue in sports
  10. Popularity of the Olympic event



Research Paper Topics on Media and Communication


  1. Significance of the emojis in digital chat
  2. Non-verbal cues at virtual meetings.
  3. Communication crisis in the Twitter age
  4. Influence of politics-related topics on social media
  5. Role of memes in the virtual world
  6. Ethics of Advertising Persuasion
  7. Podcasts are the newest way of storytelling
  8. Effect of the cultural nuances on business-related communication.
  9. Role of media in spreading fake news
  10. Language barriers in global diplomacy


Research Paper Topics on World Politics


  1. Analyzing the whole electoral system in modern democrat
  2. Effect of politics culture on global policymaking
  3. Federalism vs. Unitarism
  4. A system in the political parties
  5. Role of Civil Society in Democratic Consolidation
  6. Today’s Authoritarian Regimes
  7. Discuss political corruption
  8. Various Global Welfare State Models
  9. Effect of religion on politics
  10. The evil way of using terrorism as a political tool


Psychology Research Paper Topics


  1. Bullying
  2. Media violence and children
  3. Language acquisition
  4. Gender roles
  5. Learning disabilities
  6. Child abuse
  7. Aspects of the aging process
  8. Parenting styles
  9. Prenatal development
  10. Stress, anxiety and depression among people of various ages


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Science & Technology Research Paper Topics


  1. Influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in modern-day
  2. Importance of various space programs
  3. Role of R and D in modern industry
  4. Internet as a gift of science
  5. Good and bad effects of Science & Technology
  6. Best applications of science for society welfare
  7. Top branches of science to be studied
  8. How to deal with a pandemic scientifically
  9. Modern medical science progress
  10. Genetic research progress


Research Paper Topics on Math


  1. Discuss geometry and measurement.
  2. Importance of coordinate geometry
  3. Basic algebra
  4. Calculus as a subject of higher studies
  5. Explain solid geometry
  6. How to develop a keen interest in math
  7. How to teach math easily
  8. Various applications of probability theories
  9. How to teach math to children
  10. Modern computing mathematics applications


Research Paper Topics on Business


  1. SWOT and PESTEL analysis
  2. How to do product promotion
  3. Proper advertising strategies
  4. Market planning
  5. Market positioning
  6. 4 Ps of marketing
  7. Business forecasting models
  8. Business competition
  9. Global Business
  10. Corporate social responsibility


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Literature Research Paper Topics


  1. Shakespeare literature review
  2. Sonnet poems
  3. History of English literature
  4. Modern poems
  5. Modern stories
  6. Effect of today’s best sellers on society
  7. The best European classic novels
  8. Screen adaptation of various classic novels
  9. Impact of history on modern literature
  10. Music and literature


Research Paper Topics on Law


  1. Self-defense laws
  2. Laws related racism
  3. Laws related to sexual discrimination
  4. Laws of LGBT
  5. Laws on immigration
  6. Using DNA evidence in criminal law
  7. Laws related to intellectual property rights
  8. Safety laws in the digital age
  9. Anti-terror laws
  10. Tax laws


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