Germany Attempted To Seize Stalingrad, a Russian City, During World War II Because


  1. That was the location of Stalin’s crimes.
  2. Its placement along the Volga River was strategic.
  3. A sizable and persecuted German population lived there.
  4. It served as the focal point of hostility toward Germany.


Answer 4. Its placement along the Volga River was strategic.


Then-Russian President Joseph Stalin led the country’s successful defense against the German forces’ invasion of the western portion of Russia with the intention of seizing Moscow. Adolf Hitler used this to persuade the Wehrmacht to take Stalingrad, a city in Russia.

Hitler attempted to seize Stalingrad because of its strategic location as a Russian industrial hub and its proximity to the Volga River, a vital shipping route that connects western and eastern Russia. Naturally, the Russians were prepared to protect their land at all costs. The Battle of Stalingrad resulted from this.


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