Unit 5 – Research in Health and Social Care Online Assignment Task

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You must propose and carry out a short research project related to health and social care and explain how research informs practice. You may choose an opportunity or a problem at a health and social care setting you know, or a current issue in health or social care. Consult with your tutor/supervisor to determine a suitable area of research.


The Study Skills used, developed and assessed through this assignment are as follows:

  • Critical thinking
  • Planning, organizing and time management
  • Research
  • Gathering information, note taking and summarising
  • Analysis
  • Oral and written skills
  • Academic skills, including referencing
  • Application of IT skills
  • Reflection


Extension activities:

To gain a merit grade you must also:

  • 1M1 Analyse potential uses for the research findings within practice.

To gain a distinction grade you must also:

  • 2D1 Analyse own current skills and knowledge in being able to conduct a literature review in health and social care towards evidence-based practice

Task 2


Carry out a literature review related to your chosen area of research and produce a report summarizing and commenting on the literature reviewed and drawing out main themes and issues identified.

Extension activities:


To gain a distinction grade you must also:


  • 3D1 Examine the value of the literature review process in influencing positive change in health and social care practice

LO3 3.1, 3D1


Task 3


Carry out research for your chosen area, collecting suitable data and recording your findings:

  • Create a sample of data from the
  • Apply suitable data analysis methods for the data


Extension activities:


To gain a merit grade you must also:

  • 3M1 Analyse the importance of validity and reliability of data used within research

LO3 3.2, 3.3, 3M1


Task 4

Produce a set of slides and notes for a presentation on the findings of your literature review and research that:

  • Presents the data and information from findings to produce

Draws conclusions and recommendations from research findings.