Technotronics Case Study Assignment Help

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Technotronics Case Study


Assignment Details:

  • Words: 1200


Case : Technotronics


Assignment : You are Executive Assistant to Ilene Carter, Manager of the Audio Products Section. Using the “WAC” format (i.e. Situation Analysis, Problem Statement etc.)  prepare a full report on your recommendation concerning the commercial operation of “X-27”. The report will be read and used by Ilene Carter.


Deadline : 11:55 PM on Saturday, 11th June, 2022.


This is to be an individual assignment. Please submit your report as a Word file.


Guidelines for submission


1) Word limit


Word limit for your report: 1200 (Exclude from the count the cover page, executive summary, the contents page, letter of transmittal and any exhibits).


Penalty for exceeding the word limit: one sub-grade if the total number of words is between 1201 and 1300; one full grade if the number of words is more than 1300.


Please write down at the end of the assignment the number of words you have used in the body of the assignment. Please block the body (that is, the report excluding the executive summary, contents page, references, exhibits, and cover page) and use the word count in MS Word to arrive at the number of words. Any verbal tables (as opposed to predominantly quantitative tables) and footnotes (other than references) that you use in the body of the report should be counted. If you use any text boxes in the body of the report, please count the words in them separately and add it to the total number of words quoted. Any attempt to cheat will be treated severely.


2) Cover page


The report should have a cover page.


3) Late submission penalty


Late submissions will attract a severe penalty.


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