9001PMGT Project Management Plan Assignment Help

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9001PMGT Project Management Plan


Assignment Details:

  • Words: 2500




The task is a 2500-word written Project Management Plan report. The project management plan should include an analysis of the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), project schedule and duration, and risk response plan.


Select two topic areas, identify and reflect on potential causes of success/failures for the project. Then provide recommendations and guidelines for successful implementation of the project in relation to the two topic areas by applying relevant project management principles and frameworks.


Subject learning outcomes


  • Demonstrate advanced understanding of project management principles, frameworks and contemporary topics.
  • Critically analyse, reflect on, and synthesise complex information, problems, principles and frameworks related to project management.
  • Research and apply relevant principles and frameworks to develop innovative, ethical, and evidence-based solutions for complex project management issues.
  • Clearly, concisely and credibly communicate project management knowledge to specialist and non-specialist audiences to inform practice.




Planning is a critical phase in the project management process as it is the key to successful project management. The purpose of this assessment is to provide you with the opportunity to develop a project management plan for the project that you defined in your first assessment and to provide recommendations and guidelines for successful implementation of the project.




The body of your report must include the following components:


  • To establish the context for this assessment include a brief summary (maximum one or two pages) of the project title, project’s objectives, deliverables, priorities and success criteria that you defined in your first assessment. This section will NOT be included in the word count.


  • The project management plan and analysis:


    • Develop a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and discuss your preferred approach to creating an effective WBS.
    • Develop a Project schedule (using a Gantt chart) and discuss the potentialstrategies for reducing the project’s duration that can be used if such need occurs in the midst of project execution.
    • Identify and evaluate the major risks involved in the project and develop a risk response plan.


  • Recommendations and guidelines for the successful implementation of the project plan.


    • Reflect on the project plan that you have developed above, and identify the potential causes of success/failures in relation to any two of the following topic areas:


      • Effective management of the project team
      • Effective monitoring of project performance
      • Effective project closure
      • Implementing ethics in project management


    • Then, provide recommendations and guidelines for reinforcing/avoiding the causes of the project’s success/failure you have identified above. Please ensure you provide two recommendations – one for each selected topic area.
    • You may integrate any relevant insights from the following article to your recommendations to align them with the trends in today’s post-pandemic project management environments:


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