PSMA 101 Business/Organization Competitive Advantage


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Assignment Details:

Words: 2000


Select ANY business or organization and discuss how they keep a sustainable competitive advantage in their industry. Your discussion MUST include the four conditions a business/organizations resources must meet to sustain a competitive Provide at least TWO examples of these conditions in relation to your selected business/organization


You’ve been recruited as the CEO of a newly developed cricket academy in As a CEO you are required to formulate the organizations’ strategy.

  • Come up with a name for the organization and create a suitable mission statement.
  • List TWO strategic, TWO tactical, and TWO operational goals you will set for your organization.


Select any figure in the sports industry (e.g.: a captain, coach, club owner, president/CEO of an organization etc) that you believe is an example of a good leader, explain which leadership traits he/she possess that makes them an effective leader and provide examples to support your answer.


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