LAWS509 Assessment 3 – Ethical Migration in Australia


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Assignment Details:

Words: 2000




You are a newly registered and newly employed Registered Migration Agent. Your new employer is Mr Coe of Ethical Migration Pty Ltd. Ethical Migration has an office in Australia with five RMAs and four administrative staff.


Ethical Migration currently only offers migration and citizenship related services.


Mr Coe provides an orientation to your new workplace and systems. Before he assigns you any client work however, he has a project for you. He directs you to the MARA Code of Conduct Consultation Third Stage Consultation document at:


He asks you to analyse that document, and prepare a memo identifying a list of proposed code changes that would require Ethical Migration to update their processes, and to recommend what new processes should be implemented.


He says ‘We think we comply with the current Code of Conduct, but I need to know about possible issues that will require us to change or review our current processes. Not general changes, like competence, or coercive conduct.”. He specifically wants to know about possible implications of the following specific issues:


1. Ethical Migration has an arrangement with an offshore firm (Golden Passports Inc), a business that offers ‘Citizenship By Investment’ to Hong Kong citizens. Golden Passports specializes in Citizenship By Investment for Malta, Vanuatu and St. Kitts. If they get an enquiry about investment visas for Australia, they refer the client to Ethical Migration. Mr Coe has a close relationship with Golden Passports, and twice a year, they run joint seminars in Hong Kong with advertising featuring Mr Coe. Mr Coe is concerned to understand whether he should exercise greater control over the advertising, and whether he should exercise greater control over their communications with potential clients. (5 marks, 250 words)


2. Ethical Migration Pty Ltd has written contracts with Medisure Group to offer health insurance to visa holders, and SuperFX to offer international currency transfer services. They earn commissions from both of these Mr Coe wants to know if the new code might require them to specifically identify these commissions, and how they should do that. (5 marks, 250 words)


3. Mr Coe has always wanted to be a marriage celebrant, and offer those services to clients. He understands this was not possible under the existing code, but wonders if the proposed changes might permit it? (5 marks, 250 words)


4. Ethical Migration charges a fixed fee for initial consultations. They provide a copy of the consumer guide, prospects sign a client agreement, and get a copy. He tells you this is a cumbersome process and wonders whether he might be able to streamline it under any new (5 marks, 250 words)


5. Ethical Migration normally only identifies, and requires the person who will be paying the fees, and the responsible RMA to sign the client agreement. He wonders what changes they might have to make to their Client Agreement, and this signing procedure, under any proposed (5 marks, 250 words)


6. Ethical Migration back up servers to a cloud service. Ethical Migration does not encourage applicants to access their applications via ImmiAccount or provide any details that might allow them to do that. He wants to know if that will still be permitted under the proposed changes, and if so, what processes are required, and how should he implement these (5 marks, 250 words)


7. Identify at least two other specific matters identified in the Consultation Document which you believe may require process changes, and discuss them. Make recommendations about possible process changes. You are permitted to make a reasonable estimate of what Ethical Migration’s current processes are, how they currently run their business. (10 marks 500 words)


Your response should be in the form of a single memo. Number your responses addressing each part.


GDAMLP – Assessment Rubric


Below expectations (0-49%) Meets expectation (50-

79 %)

Exceeds expectations (80-

100 %)

Content Understanding Student does not understand the content or concepts relevant to the assessment.

Student has addressed few of the critical elements required by the assessment.

Student has not provided sufficient detail. Student has not identified the appropriate source of regulation and policy.

Student does not demonstrate an understanding that supports ethical migration practice.

Student demonstrates understanding of content and concepts relevant to the assessment and demonstrates an ability to draw together concepts and advise.

Student has addressed most of the critical elements required by the assessment.

Student has provided sufficient detail to analyse the scenario and advise appropriately.

Student has identified appropriate regulation and policy.

Student demonstrates   an   understanding   that

supports most elements of ethical practice.

Student understands significant content relevant to the assessment.

Student has provided advice that shows critical analysis and independent thought. Student has addressed all critical elements required.

Student has identified specifically relevant regulation and policy.

Student demonstrates an understanding that supports ethical migration practice in the short and long term.

Expression Student does not express themselves coherently. Student has not expressed or structured their work in a clear or concise manner.

Vocabulary and terminology are used incorrectly. Jargon may be used when more precise language is needed.

Vocabulary and terminology are usually used correctly. Student expresses themselves coherently.

Jargon is seldom used.

Student generally expresses and constructs their advice effectively.

Student uses expression appropriate to the audience. Student mostly displays clear and concise ideas and understanding.

Correct terminology and precise vocabulary are used.

Student’s expression is motivated and they have constructed their recommendations effectively.

Student uses expression targeted to the audience.

Their expression displays clear and concise ideas and understanding.

Relevance Student does not demonstrate that their analysis and advice is relevant and or realistic and achievable.

Student does not demonstrate competencies relevant to the circumstances.

Student has demonstrated analysis and advice that is relevant, realistic and achievable.

Student demonstrates most competencies relevant to the circumstances.

Student demonstrates analysis and advice that is relevant, realistic and achievable.

Student active advises in a way that effectively address the relevant circumstances of the scenario.

Student demonstrates command of competencies relevant to the circumstances.



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