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Project HRM Management


Assignment Details:

  • Words: 4500




As an enterprising and dynamic person, you have decided that it is time to delve into a personal project that you have always wanted to do and that you believe will be a resounding success for its uniqueness.



You are determined to create a cabinet of online psychologists, specialised in three specific areas:


1) Couple problems

2) Deficits in attention and school performance of the infant.

3) Accompaniment and support services for grief


The company will offer advice on one of these three areas online. It can be from home, through a chat service and video conferencing, offering lower prices than face-to-face services because there is no need to travel.


Therefore, the workers you want to hire will work from home and the communication between you will always be online since, at the moment, you do not have any office or physical place enabled for this purpose.


Psychologists will charge per project, that is, there is no fixed workload or fixed remuneration, so they should try to offer an excellent service to keep customers loyal and ensure that in the future they can have a fixed clientele and, therefore, more stable working conditions.


To implement and create your company, you decide to trust an external advisory service for administration, taxation, strategic management and marketing. However, you choose to personally take responsibility for the area of Human Resources, since you are well prepared to establish a complete and exhaustive plan.


Given this, a series of challenges and questions arise to which you must answer so that the Human Resources plan is effective




1. Analyse the starting situation: prepare a SWOT analysis.


2. The first thing you need is to correctly define the objectives you want to achieve with this new project. Thus, depending on the interests of our organisation, we can classify the targets in three levels: environment, organisational and individual. It is requested:


  • Establish two objectives for each level.
  • Accompany each objective with an indicator that aims to measure the degree of achievement of it.
  • Propose an action to achieve each objective.

3. One issue that worries you a lot is the motivation of your future workers since this depends on the service they can offer. We ask you to:


  • Explain what kind of motivation techniques you will implement.
  • Propose concrete actions in coherence with the chosen typology.


4. Focusing now on the recruitment and selection of personnel, you need to:


  • Establish recruitment needs.
  • List the requirements and qualities that your workers must present.
  • What external sources of recruitment will you use?
  • What type of selection interview do you think is the most appropriate given the professional profile we are looking for?


5. Once selected the psychologists who will work in your organisation, you have thought that it is necessary and very positive that they carry out a training oriented to build a concrete business culture. In this regard, we ask you:


  • Design a training plan


6. Finally, taking into account the dimensions of the company in this initial stage, it is required:


  • The development of an organisational chart.
  • Description of the positions