PACC6001 Unit 5 Management Accounting


Organization Selected : Alpha Limited 


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Brief :

The topic chosen is –

What are the companies that has responded to the issues of equality and diversity at the workplace?



Aston Martin Lagonda is an independent luxury car group with more than 100 years of automotive excellence and one of the great British car company that creates most beautiful designs.

In context to the above scenario, Analyse how Aston Martin Lagonda respond if the industry is’ Male dominated’ to current issues of equality and diversity in the workforce and how he manage to resolve it. Prepare a project management plan in order to achieve the aim of this projects issues. For this issue conduct a small scale research, data collection and knowledge to support this report. Evaluate the report and methodologies applied.


Pass Merit Distinction
LO1 Determine project aims, objectives and time frames based on theme chosen.
P1 What are the project aims and objectives for chosen topic

P2 Prepare a project management plan that covers cost, scope, time, quality,communication, risks and resources.

P3 Prepare a Gantt chart to provide time frames and steps for completion of task.

M1 Prepare a management milestone plan to evaluate and measure the performance to achieve aims and objectives.
LO2 Perform a small-scale research, information gathering and data collection, generating knowledge to support the project.
P4 Conduct small scale research by using qualitative and quantitive methodologies to achieve objectives. M2 Determine the accuracy and reliability of different research methodologies applied.


L03 Provide the project and give recommendation on conclusions drawn from evidences gathered.
P5 Do a research and data using appropriate tools and techniques.

P6 Convey recommendations on research conducted to draw meaningful conclusions.

M3 Determine appropriate tools and techniques for accuracy and reliability to support recommendations.
L04 Determine the value drawn from this project and its usefulness in organisational sustainable performance.
P7 What are the values required to meet objectives and own learning. M4 What are the value of management plan and quality research to meet objectives and support learning and performance.