HRBUS85 Research Project–Human Resource Management Assignment Task Answers


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1. Introduction

In this Assignment (Assignment 06) the collection, analyses and quality assurance (reliability and validity) of a quantitative study is explored. You need to follow the steps noted in (2) below to complete the assignment.


2. Assignment 06 

To complete Assignment 06, you must follow the steps below:


Step 1: Access Learning Unit 5 on the myUnisa (Moodle site), your designated site for this module;


Step 2: Study Learning Unit 5 to explore how a researcher collects and analyses and ensures the quality of quantitative data. It will be in your best interest to complete the activities within the learning unit and to access and study the relevant material from journal articles to videos included in the unit. This will help build your understanding of quantitative methodology and help you complete this assignment. Also, you are expected to access 5 to 7 resources (a combination of journal articles and books) on quantitative methodology to complete this assignment.


Step 3: Reflect on your topic and consider how you will conduct your research study from a quantitative standpoint;


Step 4: Populate the template on page 5, considering the technical specifications below. Also, remember to remove my comments from the template before submission.


Technical specifications

  • Font must be Arial 11 (not bold and no italics), heading Arial 12 (Bold and no italics);
  • Margins: 1cm all round;
  • Text must be justified;
  • Line spacing of 5cm;
  • Your pages must be numbered;
  • You must complete your table of contents;
  • You must include a complete reference list; and
  • APA referencing


Step 5: Include Assignment 01 to Assignment 05 in the Appendix. A total of 20 marks will be removed for non-compliance of this request.


Step 6: Submit the assignment before or on the due date. No extensions will be granted.


3. Conclusion

This tutorial letter provided Assignment 06, which focuses on quantitative research methodology. We wish you well in your assignment.