What exactly does Roosevelt mean when she refers to “the withered leaves of industrial enterprise”?


  1. Unproductive farms
  2. Failed businesses
  3. Unemployed Americans
  4. Lack of business investment


Answer:- 2. Failed businesses

“Failed business” refers to the one between the next choices specified in the question that Roosevelt indicated by “the withered leaves of industrial enterprise”. The truthful option between all the options that are specified in the question is the first option. He is indicating that the business of America is dishonest useless all over the residence similar to withered leaves. “We are stricken by no plague of locusts. Likened with the perils which our fathers occupied since they thought and were not afraid, we have still much to be thankful for.”

In such a soul on the part and on theirs we face their shared difficulties. They worry, thank God, only physical things. Values have wasted to eccentric levels; taxes have risen; our capability to pay has fallen; direction of all kinds is confronted by serious restriction of income; the means of exchange are ice-covered in the currents of trade; the weakened leaves of business enterprise lie on every side; Farmers are unable to sell their produce; thousands of households have lost years’ worth of investments.

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