MGMT2006 Case Study on MGMT Mobile Company Project


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MGMT Mobile Company (MMC) offers mobile services to users on a monthly subscription basis. Special discounts are given to customers for frequently using their pre- or post-paid mobile service. Customers can also sign up online or visit one of ten outlets stationed at various locations around the country.


Customers can opt to receive their bills either through the post or online but all payments are due by the 21st of each month. An 18.5% mobile tax is applied to the cost of all services. All transactions, customer calls and other data are captured in a database, where specific data can be extracted for decision making.


The company wishes to determine the types of customers who should be granted special offers and the amount of money received for taxes. The manager of MMC hired you to work in the Information Systems Department to produce some reports for him to present at the meeting for the next quarter. He also wants you to focus mainly on the airtime usage to get a better understanding of the performance of the service.




First, you need to peruse the database. It comprises the following tables:


CUSTOMER: Persons who have an account with the company.

SERVICE: The service offered to the customer is either PRE-PAID, POST-PAID, and the service comes with or without a DATA PLAN.

CALL: The duration of calls by the customer for the month, and the amount of data used for the month.

RATES: The rates for airtime usage, in cost per minute and the rates for data usage in cost per megabyte.


You are asked to prepare several queries, as well as some reports.


Pre-Project Suggestion:


  • A step-by-step exercise is available for you to follow which imports data from Excel to Access and provides examples on creating queries and functions as This will help you to become familiar with database management systems.
  • You should complete these tasks as they will greatly assist you BEFORE you begin your project.


Project Requirements


You are given a database containing Customer, Service, Call and Rates tables to provide some results for MMC. (That is, your CC will provide you with the database). You should:


1. Rename the database as MGMT2006_G# <first name last name>, where G# is your group number.


2. Create relationships between pairs of tables and enforce referential integrity.


3. Add TWO new Customers and associate them with a Service.


4. Also add TEN new Calls along with their information for any ten customers. Be sure to include calls for your two additional customers.


5. Create the following queries:

    1. List the names of customers whose status is disconnected. Name this query Q1 – NOTCONNECTED.
    2. What is the total duration of calls, pre-paid and post-paid for customers with data-plans and for customers without data-plans? Round the duration to a fixed number with no decimal places. Sort in descending order by duration. Name this query Q2 – CallDuration.
    3. For each customer who has a post-paid service, show how many of these customers have opted to have their bills emailed compared to those who have theirs by postal mail. Name this query Q3- PPBills.
    4. For airtime minutes only, calculate the total amount of tax collected from customers for the Name this query Q4-TotalAirtimeTax.
    5. The company has been informed that the mobile tax has been increased to 20%. Calculate how much additional tax, airtime minutes only, would have been collected for the month. Name this query Q5 – AddAirTimeTax.


6. To vary your reporting, you decided to include graphical representation. Create a clustered column chart that shows the total amount each active customer with a data plan must pay. Format the total pay column to currency and give the chart an appropriate title. Remember to label the axes. (Hint: Create a query and export it to a spreadsheet application to create the ) Ensure that the chart is labelled appropriately and is placed on a new sheet. Name the Spreadsheet as MGMT2006_G#_<first name last name>. For example, MGMT2006_G50_ Jane Doe.


7. Create a report that shows the total amount each active customer with a data plan must pay and the new air time tax.

    1. The report should be grouped by the type of service.
    2. For each customer, include their last name, the total duration of the call, total amount of tax and total amount to be (Format the dollar values to currency.)
    3. Also sort by customer’s last name.
    4. For printing purposes, ensure that the report prints each active customer on a new This report will be distributed at a meeting. Name the report ‘MMC Service Report – March 2022’.



8. (In Microsoft Access) Create a switchboard with the first two queries and the report. Use the note provided to create a switchboard named ‘MGMT Mobile Company Menu System’. At the bottom centre, create a label using an 8-point font that states the switchboard was created by For example, ‘Created by Jane Doe’.



8. (In Libre Office Base) Create a form to enter customer data. The main form should have all the fields from the Customer table while the sub-form should have duration and the fields from the Service table (hint: create a query for the sub-form). The form must not allow existing data modification or deletion. Place a note in the bottom right corner that states you created the form; for example, ‘Created by <firstame lastname>. View the form by customer. Name the form MMC CUSTOMER ENTRY FORM.




9. If you installed Power BI then,

    1. Import the data into Power You can use either Access or Excel to import from.
    2. Ensure that the relationships between the pairs of tables are linked.


10. If you did not install Power BI, and are using the Web Service only then,

  1. Use the pbix file provided on the course page.


11. Save your file as MGMT2006_G#_<first name last name>. For example, MGMT2006_G50_ Jane Doe.


12. Create the following Power BI dashboard on one page:

    1. A clustered column chart which shows the types of services being offered and their
    2. Show the total duration on a
    3. A multi-row card which displays the total status of the
    4. A line chart visualisation that compares the customers’ airtime cost, data plan cost and duration. Based on the graphical representation, use a text box to list the names of those customers with zero air time as seen in the
    5. A Matrix visualization, which shows the customer ‘s number, last name and email/bill as rows; status and service as columns and duration as values. Demonstrate that the matrix can drilldown to any combination of customer number and/or customer last name and/or both on rows and/or columns. Include two (2) different views of the report in your final WORD document. is the only platform in Australia that offers Case Study Assignment Help at the cheapest rate. Our Assignment Experts provide quality content. Students are free to contact us through a 24/7 online chat support system to get Homework Answers.


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