Trip Trap- Managing Certification in the Global Supply Chain


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Trip Trap Case Study


In this assignment, you will conduct a written case analysis related to corporate social responsibility (CSR). You will analyze Trip Trap’s business model and competitive advantage and provide insights into challenges and opportunities for the sustainability of the company. The goal is to demonstrate your ability to evaluate how corporate social responsibility strategies contribute to a company’s financial success.


Read the Case “Trip Trap- Managing Certification in the Global Supply Chain”. Then respond to the questions below and submit your paper through Turnitin.


1. How does Trip Trap’s dedication to corporate social responsibility contribute to its competitive advantage? In your response make sure to discuss the relationship between Trip Trap and its supplier.


2. Which ethical standards (norms, principles, and Ideals) are at the basis of Trip Trap’s mission and its corporate social responsibility initiatives? Explain.


3. Who are Trip Trap’s stakeholders? For each stakeholder, identify their stakeholder relationship and why you assigned that relationship to that stakeholder.


4. How would you rate the steps that Trip Trap’s leadership has taken to integrate corporate responsibility into the business?


5. Walmart has approached your supplier with a lucrative contract. Your supplier factory will build an addition to service the Walmart work. Do you require your supplier to maintain your standards throughout the entire operation or do you let this new addition operate at lower standards in the Walmart contract?


6. 75% of your manufacturing is at your primary supplier and you are their only customer giving you more control. The remaining 25% of your manufacturing volume comes from four other vendors which product specific types of merchandise in your product line. You represent less than 20% of their total volume. Do you try to apply the same standards despite less leverage of these suppliers? Even if it means five times the compliance and audit costs?


7. You discover your primary supplier is having families manufacture products at home workshops and deliver them to the factory. How would you proceed once you discover this unaudited production?


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