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Assignment Details:

  • Words: 2000






John wrote a letter to his friend Jack on the 10/10/ 2021 offering to sell his car to Jack his good friend who had shown interest in buying the car in the past. The letter arrived at Jack’s house in Penang on the 12 /10/2021. Jack went through the letter but did not reply immediately. In that letter John had clearly stated that if Jack is interested in the car he should call him as soon as possible. After few days Jack decided to reply to the letter of offer and enclosed it with the payment. He had agreed to buy the car at the price mentioned by John. This letter only arrived at John’s place on 25/10/2021. On the 15/10/2021 Jerry, another friend of John had approached John with better price and John went ahead and sold the car to Jerry. Jack is insisting that there is contract between him and John. Jack seeks your advice if he can sue John for breach of contract. He also would like to know if he were to win the case, can he insist that John sell him the car.


Your report format should be as follow:


  • Issue(s) that involve in this case study – students must identify relevant element
  • Explanation on the relevant law(s)
  • Discussion on case(s) decided by the court that can be used to support arguments
  • Analyze the application of laws and cases mentioned to the problem given
  • Conclusion






Sources of law in Malaysia is heavily based on its legal system and the legal is influenced by the historical background of this country. In some countries all laws are found in written form whereas in some countries laws are found both form written sources and unwritten sources. Discuss what is meant by Judicial Precedent and it importance with special focus on why the business community would be happy that courts do take into account previous decisions made by higher courts.


Students may support their argument by referring to other countries where courts only refer to written law in deciding a case.


You are required to:


  • Discuss what are intellectual property rights, why is it important.
  • Give your opinion, if it is sufficiently protected in Malaysia.
  • In your opinion why do you feel there is lack seriousness among the people about intellectual property rights .


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