CSI2450 loT and OT Security Assessment Report




Assignment Overview:


This assessment is aligned to the following learning outcome of this unit: ULO 2: Examine threats to loT and OT


This assessment requires you to:

  1. Investigate an OT attack
  2. Research the technical details of the attack
  3. Communicate your findings to a technical audience
  4. Provide recommendations by relating to the OT attack investigated


The knowledge and skills you learnt through Modules 6 to 9 will be required for this assessment.




You are required to research and present about the Shamoon malware attack on Saudi Aramco. Your expertise as an OT Security expert was requested to brief the Enterprise IT Security team of the organisation to educate and inform them.


The following are two resources that will serve as a good starting point. You are however, expected to research beyond these two resources. You are encouraged to use academic sources such as IEEE Xplore and Web of Science, however, other technical resources may also be used, but sparingly.







Your target audience is a highly technical audience; therefore, your presentation should have sufficient technical depth.


Your presentation should cover the following.

  1. Give an introduction to yourself and the purpose of the presentation.
  2. Provide a high-level overview of the attack using a graphical illustration. The graphic could be as simple as a block-diagram or improved using icons and symbols. You must not reproduce it from an existing source.
  3. Provide a timeline of the attack.
  4. What were the consequences of the attack?
  5. How was the target infected?
  6. What were the vulnerabilities exploited?
  7. How were the OT systems affected?
  8. Summarise the human (People) and the organisation’s operational (Process) weaknesses that were exploited.
  9. Provide recommendations to your target audience based on key lessons from the attack. Your recommendations should be based on People, Process, and Technology (IT and OT), and each recommendation should be related back to the attack.


Slides and Referencing:


  • Create a PowerPoint presentation capturing the key points you are reporting. Do not fill the slides with lots of text. You are encouraged to use both graphics and text in your slides. Ensure everything on the slide is legible. The PowerPoint file is also part of your submission.


  • Since the presentation has a fixed time limit, you may aim to have a maximum of 12 slides.


  • Even though this is not a typical written report, your presentation should be supported by adequate research. Any information or ideas you have taken from other sources should be referenced as “in-text” in the relevant slide and a full reference should be provided as “end-text” on the last slide. A suggested approach is to use superscripts in your content slides and have a final slide with the full reference list. You must show the reference slide in the video recording and may be requested to provide the reference list separately.


Recommended Presentation Structure:

  • Slide 1: Introduction/Title slide
  • Slide 2: Outline
  • Content slides addressing tasks 2-9.
  • Final slide: references


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