Investigation into Cyber Security Countermeasures Assignment Help


Assignment Details:-

  • Document Type: Presentation or speech
  • Subject: Computer Science
  • Words 1500
  • Citation/Referencing Style: APA 7th Styling
  • Academic Standard Level: University




Your role as a Cyber Security Analyst requires you to protect company hardware, software and networks from cyber criminals. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has selected you to undertake a short, 6-minute presentation for a prospective client. The client wants to prepare itself for prominent threats in the years to come. In undertaking the presentation, you will be promoting the research, knowledge and technical capabilities of your organisation. The CISO advised you that at a minimum, you should use contemporary literature, credible statistics and government publications to support all claims, ideas and concepts that you present. The client to whom you are presenting is technologically competent, so your presentation must be presented at an advanced level.




To complete the assessment successfully you must:
Identify and justify the two most significant cyber security threats that corporations will face in the upcoming years. Each threat that you present must be appropriately supported with contemporary evidence, logical reasoning and justification.


For each threat, propose one state-of-the-art cyber security countermeasure. The proposed countermeasures can be theoretical, technical, product-oriented, governance-focused or policy centric. Ensure you support each proposed countermeasure with evidence, logical reasoning and a well thought out argument.


For each countermeasure, you must critique the ethical, legal and/or technical challenges arising from the countermeasure you are proposing.


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