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Managerial Marketing




Question One


To meet the challenges posed by the covid-19 global pandemic, businesses around the world had to react in agile and decisive ways. As we move into the next phase, now is the time for businesses to seek out and seize the opportunities emerging in the recovery. This involves conducting an “after-action review” to collect data and insights on lessons learned from the pandemic, and then using these to prioritise actions to enhance business value today and build strategic resilience for tomorrow. Businesses that take these steps now will be well-placed to capitalise more effectively on the opportunities rising in the post-COVID-19 recovery – and to continue winning in their marketplaces as greater certainty and stability return.


  1. Using a company of your choice and with clear reference to examples, present your understanding of the above statement in light of the new product development
  2. Discuss the available digital marketing options that companies would deploy as part of the post-pandemic recovery strategy with clear reference to examples.
  3. Present a post covid pandemic core marketing strategy that the company selected can use in order to achieve a new lease of life in the post-pandemic period.




Question Two


The service marketing industry is one of the fastest-growing, highly evolving, and dynamic industries. There are several global business disruptions that have created the need for several corporate bodies to revisit their original service marketing strategy. With specific reference to a case study or examples, discuss some of the key disruptions that have happened in the service sector in the past couple of years and use an appropriate model to propose a winning recovery strategy for the chosen industry clearly showing the core and augmented service strategy.


Question Three


Nowadays, when working with customers and prospects, targeting them is similar to shooting at a moving target. The best way to hit the target is by anticipating where the target is going to be, rather than shooting at it where it is. The prospective customers are continuously moving forward, at ever increasing speeds, and businesses are challenged with keeping up with this change. They are trying to keep pace with constantly changing market information, new product introductions, and most importantly client demands and expectations.


Using the elements of the marketing mix, present an understanding of this analogy to the board of an Asian owned bank in Africa that is in great need of revamping her business in the post covid lockdown recovery.


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