The Impact of Corporate Culture Case Study Help

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Corporate Culture Case Study






Training and development are an important component for the performance and sustainability of all organisations. Different organisations have different cultures that influence how they do things in a particular way. Polyoak Packaging is a privately owned national company consisting of business units that specialise primarily in the design and manufacture of plastic blow moulded, thermo-formed, injection and compression moulded plastic packaging for the dairy, beverage, food, industrial and retail sectors. Its extensive manufacturing and distribution network ensure continuous and excellent customer service across Southern Africa, and the Pinetown branch is a KwaZulu-Natal manufacturer and distributor of quality plastic packaging in which this research study was conducted.


The organisation in KwaZulu-Natal Pinetown has 180 permanent employees (i.e. Production Setters, Supervisors, and Packers) and a 100 Managers in permanent positions at different levels. The Business School is the in-house training facility at Polyoak, founded in 2008 to focus on development and growth of employees through education and training in all the organisation’s branches. The organisation addresses the skills development needs through appropriate and relevant training initiatives. Facilitators are drawn from a range of Polyoak competent experts who are regarded as specialist in their fields and who believe in sharing and passing on their knowledge.


A researcher conducted a study to investigate the impact of corporate culture on training and development of employees attending skills programmes provided at the Business School so that improvements could be made where training and development is affected negatively. Skilled employees have been found to capable of adapting to changing and unpredictable technologies and environments that directly or indirectly affect performance and productivity, either as individuals or as a team unlike the unskilled employees. The challenge that the Business School has been facing with regard to the response from managers and production staff, is the negative perceptions that production employees have towards organisational change, that may require employees to participate in skills development programme.


The researcher is interested in understanding the influence of corporate culture towards the training and development of employees, that the organisation has not investigated before. Hence, why is there such resistance towards Skills Development Programme in the organisation. Lack of knowledge for the organisation to monitor and manage perceptions on corporate culture with respect to employees who undergo training and development programmes within the Polyoak’s Packaging Business School, is an impending problem that requires investigation. Global competitiveness requires organisations to focus on employees’ training and development as a crucial element to improve business performance and to become sustainable in a volatile and unpredictable marketplace. The corporate culture is therefore a key element or aspect which needs to be studied to understand how it enables employees to learn and apply acquired skills in order to improve organisational performance and therefore delight customers with better and improved service.


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  • According to the above case study describe what is the main essence of the investigation that the researcher would like to embark upon in doing for the skills programme offered by the Polyoak’s Packaging Business School?
  • After reading the above case study, do you think that it is essential for this study to be conducted by this scholar? Motivate your view.
  • The above abstract mentioned corporate culture and it influence towards training and development of employees. Give a brief discussion of what is corporate culture and its influence in training and development programmes implemented in the organisation.




After reading the above case study and understanding the nature of business this organisation is involved in, which training and development method will you suggest for this organisation? Give a detailed explanation of why you think that training technique is more suitable for this organisation.




Advise Polyoak’s Packaging Business School on the benefits for them to conduct an evaluation on every training programme that they have facilitated for the organisation.




The above case study mentioned that the skilled employees are more likely to accept any training and development programme implemented in the organisation compared to unskilled workers. According to your understanding what could be the cause for this?


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