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Assignment Details:

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Part 1. Development of Human Resource Plan 


You are working as an HR Manager for a large logistics, transportation and forwarding company in the Middle East. Recently, Shell Iraq decided to close down and outsourced their transportation facilities that caters to their employees’ travel from company accommodation to Shell’s various worksite. Their plan is aligned to their strategy to focus more on essential part of the business. Your company received a request for proposal (RFP) from Shell Iraq, inviting your organization to place a bid in handling the transportation section of the company. Your CEO was thrilled and called a meeting with all functional heads to review the requirements stipulated in RFP and highlighted the importance of this opportunity. This project, if secured, will increase the company’s revenue by up to 40 percent on an annual basis. Upon reviewing the RFP on HR Section, Shell requires a detailed HR Plan which are outlined below:


1. Workforce Deployment. This section requires you to discuss workforce planning, Job Analysis, Job Specification, Source of Recruitment, job advertisement, Selection Methods up to Onboarding.


2. Performance Reward Management. Outline the basis on how you will develop your strategy. Shell also requires you to discuss your retention strategies, intrinsic and extrinsic reward that your organization offers should you be awarded with this project. The RFP also requires you to discuss different components of your entire compensation and benefits. You need to discuss how employee performance will be assessed in this section


3. Employee Skills. This section should outline the training and development programmes and strategies to ensure the people have required skills to handle the project. Shell emphasized the importance of Health, Safety and Environment. Shell. Is also interested on how your training programs will affect the organization by discussing a model on you will measure the impact of the training programs to the business.


4. Employee Relations. Disciplinaries and grievances are common at the worksite. You should discuss the importance and approach to employee relations to this project. You are also required to illustrate the grievance and disciplinary procedure of the organization in a flow chart. Shell also wanted see how employee contract terminations are handled in accordance to best practice.


Part 2. Human Resource Management Practices

Differentiate Best Practice and Best Fit approach in HRM. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each approach relative to business context and external factors.


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