HRMT3328 Develop a Worth Job Hierarchy


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Assessment Details:-

  • Course Code: HRMT3328
  • Course Title: Compensation Management
  • Referencing Styles: APA
  • Words: 9000+
  • University: Carleton University
  • Country: CA


Assessment Task:-


This assignment’s objective is to provide you with some practical experience in applying the concepts involved in the design and implementation of a Point Factor Method. Refer to Chapter 5 for a sample of this method.


The objective is to develop a worth job hierarchy of 5 jobs, using the point factor methodology for any organization of your choice. The following elements must be involved in your assignment:


  1. Provide a brief introduction of your organization and identify which 5 jobs within the organization you are going to evaluate.
  2. You must use, as a minimum, the 4 generic factors, with at least 2 sub-factors for each of the 4 generic factors. The factors and sub-factors must be defined in detail. Explain why you selected your particular factors and sub-factors, in the context of the organization you chose.
  3. The levels/degrees (using 3 as a minimum) for each sub-factor must be defined in detail, making it easy to distinguish between the levels/degrees (see samples on moodle).
  4. The overall total % weightings should be reflected and equal 100%. Explain why you selected your particular factor weightings in the context of your chosen organization.
  5. The total number of points must be shown for the factors and sub-factors.
  6. Evaluate each of the 5 jobs (provide a brief rationale as to your evaluations ie. a paragraph).
  7. Show your overall job worth hierarchy, list the jobs in order based on the points. Please list your point values.
  8. The rubric for the assignment is below.


Each team member must complete and present the peer review form found at the end of this document. The peer evaluations are due at the same time as the rest of the assignment and should be submitted via the same dropbox as the group paper. The peer-review will provide an overall percentage, and students will be entitled to that percentage of the overall submission mark. Ie. Submission mark received was 85% however, the peer review was only 80% thus, the student will receive 80% of the overall submission mark of 85%. The final student mark will be 85% X peer review.