HRM 6645 International HRM Strategies to Business Objectives


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Assignment Details:-

  • Course Code: HRM 6645
  • Course Title: International Human Resources Management
  • Referencing Styles: APA
  • Words: 2000
  • University: Troy University
  • Country: US




Research & investigate what information needed to prepare an expatriate orientation booklet for this employee who will be going to your organization’s international facility in the Philippines, Manila. Your employee will be going with a spouse and two school-age children .this employee and family will need to know about the Compensation Package, Benefits, Transportation & Maps, Religions & Places of Worship, Communications: Internet, Phone, & Mail, and Professional Societies.


Be succinct yet comprehensive. Use bullet points and linear logic. Transportation Be sure to cover public, private and personal transportation options in light of commute times, pollution, and traffic congestion en-route to work and regular shopping, as well as sight-seeing. Religion/Places of Worship Let the ex-pat and their family know what is legal in their new country and city and then what their options are. For example, pictures and locations of places of worship in various religious traditions. Communication: internet, phone, mail Address options in terms of reliability, speed and cost.


Business Etiquette/Professional Associations Check multiple internet site sources before focusing on important facets of business etiquette such as exchanging business cards. Health: Doctors, Hospitals, Insurance This is another section that ex-pats and their families want a lot of information such as public and private hospitals and clinics that are expat-friendly, their location and quality of their care and services as well as costs. Also, comment on the acceptance of health insurance and/or payments. Be sure to discuss dental and vision care, as well as mental health.