TOUR 1001 Tourism and Travel Assessment Solution by Qualified Tutors

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Assessment Details:

  • Referencing Styles: APA 
  • Word/Page: 5 Pages
  • Course Code: TOUR 1001
  • Course Title: Tour destinations 

Research Selected Attraction or Event Including the Following Information:


· Introduction – Why you chose this attraction or event.

· Brief history of the attraction or event (how it got started/how it began)

·  Location, geography, the climate of the destination of the attraction or event.

· Transportation (how to get there from the closest Canadian gateway and local transportation)

· Description of the event or attraction, an overview of the costs for admission to the attraction or event, statistics (for example – how many people who visit, where they come from, etc.)

· Travel market: Discuss the type of traveller interested in this destination.

· Destination details: types of accommodations, other attractions and other activities available at this destination

· Conclusion – How would you sell this destination and highlights from your learning.