HLTH 7002 Process of Research Healthcare Essay Writing Answer


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  • WORDS: 4000
  • COURSE TITLE: Research Healthcare
  • UNIVERSITY: New Zealand School of Education


Overview this is an individual essay in which you will critique the research process in the context of health care practice. It is important to be fully aware of how research is structured and interpreted to apply to your own academic reading and research projects. Your essay must follow the usual essay writing format (beginning, middle and end) and must focus on the following.


a)Analysis Identify 8 major steps/components of the research process. Analyze the purpose of each step of the research process with at least one example to support your analysis explain the significance of “Literature Review” as a major component of the research process.


b)Critique.Ethical aspects in the research process are often controversial, and unethical behavior is taken very seriously by all stakeholders.Critique4ethical aspects of healthcare research. Support each ethical aspect with the help of a significant example/case study. Try to select examples/case studies from healthcare research in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Legal aspects differ from ethical issues and are taken equally seriously.


c)What are the legal implications of plagiarism, falsification and fabrication in the research process? How can legal issues be avoided? Support your answers with examples from reliable academic sources Research for Healthcare Practice. ‘Critical examination of research methods and methodologies in the context of healthcare practice. Research methodology (ies)I include qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methodologies.


d)Which methodology (ies) would be most appropriate to healthcare practice research and why? Research methods the way in which data are collected. Which research methods are most effective in healthcare practice and why?


e)Application of research methods and methodologies how and why are specific research method sand methodologies applied to evidence-based healthcare practice in a New Zealand con?