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Health Management


Assignment 1




Provide an evaluation of want, need, demand, use and supply briefly, in order to understand and appreciate the evaluation of the healthcare service you work in/is aware off. Your response needs to be include a (a) description of that particular evaluation of what is a want, need, demand, use and supply and (b) how these are implemented or viewed in the healthcare service you work in/is aware off.




The reporting mechanism is a form of communicable disease surveillance, which may be defined as the Systematic Regular Ascertainment of Incidence Using Methods Distinguished by Their Practicability, Uniformity, and Frequently Their Rapidity, and Rather Than by Complete Accuracy.


Surveillance may use active or passive methods for gathering epidemiological information and data.


Its main purpose is to detect changes in trend or distribution of the disease in order to initiate investigative or control measures. Its elements are establishment of suitable data gathering mechanisms, central collection and analysis of the data as well as their publication and dissemination, and initiation of indicated action.


The term surveillance suggests merely the observation of occurrences, but feedback is both desirable and necessary to successful operation.


Feedback encourages the cooperation of reporting individuals and informs them about the health status of the population. If reliance is placed on practicing doctors to report infectious disease, and on local health departments to consolidate the information and forward it promptly to a centre, the assembled, analysed, and interpreted information must be provided in return.


Provide a comprehensive discussion on the surveillance of COVID-19 in South Africa. This includes from the onset of this disease and the identification of symptoms to officially declaring COVID-19 a state of emergency.




Justify the role of the National Health Insurance in transforming the healthcare sector in South Africa.




Comprehensively discuss the role of Public Healthcare in South Africa and the significance and contribution to positive health outcomes.


Assignment 2




The healthcare problems of childhood have changed so rapidly in the past fifty years that we are in danger of being best prepared to fight the wrong battles. Today, malnutrition and problems of the new-born associated with low birth weight, especially respiratory distress syndrome, are leading causes of death in the first year of life. Accidents after birth are now the major cause of death in childhood. A host of other diseases also cause death. In confronting morbidity, we face different dilemmas, the major causes of illness, disability, and visits to doctors are a few common infections and behavioural – education problems


Appraise the contribution of socio-economic factors in South Africa that leads to high infant and maternal illness and death rates.




The provision of family planning services in affluent countries was until quite recently largely in the hands of the private sector. Individuals who desired to prevent conception could use either ‘non-prescription’ methods such as condoms, diaphragms, or jellies, or they could turn to private practitioners or to clinics run by organisations such as planned Parenthood for prescription methods or the could go ‘underground,’ an obtain an illegal abortion.


As a manager of the clinic you work in, implement a family planning service. Your response should include role of healthcare staff; patient roles and resources needed to conduct family planning awareness of all clients attending family planning at the clinic.




  • In order for healthcare education to be effective, provide construct guidelines for which can be followed by staff to abide by.
  • Demonstrate a major and popular way for health education to be delivered to a large

The benefits and the pitfall should be included in this discussion.




Implement a risk infection plan to inform, notify and educate staff and the general public of a hospital on Nosocomial Infection in a Nursery Unit of the Hospital in which you work as an Infection Control Manager.


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