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HBEC4203 Early Childhood Learning Education Assessment Through Observation




Referencing Styles: APA 

Course Code: HBEC4203

Course Title: Assessment In Early Childhood Education



Observation is the intentional, systematic act of looking at the behaviour of a child or children in a particular setting or situation (Morrison, 2011). The purpose of this assignment is to assess learner’s ability to conduct child’ assessment through observation.



For this part, you are required to watch the video in the link given below. The video shows three children of ages between 4 to 5 years old playing at the sensory table.

Observe each child in this video and gather information using anecdotal record. Identify each child’s interest and unique skills and record what you see.  Be sure you prepare one record per each child and observe what they are doing in the activity.




This part requires you to interpret the data that you have collected. Reflect your observation for each child and determine what they know and able to do and what are their interest. Write a report and discuss your findings in detail with relevant support. Provide conclusion and suggest actions to be taken in response to the findings.