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AMOB600 Organizational Behavior Assignment Short Question and Answer




Referencing Styles: APA 

Course Code: AMOB600

Course Title: organizational behaviour




1.  Identify which organization (either the case or your own experience) you are basing your assignment on. If you are using your own experience, explain the scenario (no more than 200 words of the scenario). There are no marks for this question, but your assignment cannot be marked without an answer.


2.  Critically evaluate how the situation would affect the following for the organization:

(a) Employee motivation

(b) Employee wellbeing

(c) Subordinate-manager relationships

(d) Organizational communication

(e) Organizational structure and reporting lines


3. Critically analyze how the following factors would affect employee and/or the organizations reaction to this situation.

(a) Personal circumstances of employees

(b) Workplace culture

(c) Organizational leadership

(d) Organization communication

(e) Different sources of power


4 Critically analyze how the organization can best make decisions, implement changes and go through a restructuring process by recommending and justifying four (4) courses of action for the organizations’ management.