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FNS40815_ FNSSAM403 Assessment 2 – Performance


FNSFMB403 Present broking options to client
Unit Description This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to collect information, conduct relevant research and develop and present broking options to clients.
Learning Outcomes By the end of this unit, students will be able to:

  • Gather relevant information
  • Prepare appropriate options
  • Present options to clients
  • Negotiate effectively
  • Obtain agreement to proceed


Assessment information

You work as a Financial Products sales advisor with XYZ Financial Services Pty Ltd (XYZ).

Your manager has asked you to develop and implement a cold calling script for one of XYZ’s financial products.


Instructions to complete this assessment

In order to complete this assessment, you are required to complete the following sections consecutively. Details and specific instructions are provided within each section and on the form/templates provided.


Supporting documents

To find the relevant supporting documents, please refer to the Assessment Resources folder, located within the FNSSAM403 Prospect for new client’ssection of your course (Note: Not all units have Assessment Resources.)


Section 1 – Undertake Prospecting Exercise


Complete each of the following steps:

1.   Select a financial product, such as a specific type of loan or credit card. Complete a detailed analysis of the features and benefits of the product in the table below. Note: Adjust the table as required. (Note: Identify the source of the product information).

   Develop a cold calling script for the loan or credit card product selected above. Be sure to assess and address any likely objections. Enter the script in the table below. (Note: Your script should begin by stating that the call is a student exercise and not a real product sale call).



3.   Identify 10 people who may or not be known to you, who will be cold called to provide practice for delivering your cold call script. (Note: close friends or family members are not appropriate). (Note also: Prospects may be contacted to confirm contact).

4.   Cold call all of the 10 names in the above list. Ensure that all of the detail in the cold calling script is covered. Make notes, or record, each call. Ensure the time and date of the cold call is recorded.


5.  In a table below, establish a sales response information record about each of the 10 cold call contacts. Note: Assume the information in the table was to be included in an organisational CRM.


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