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FNS40815_FNSSAM403 Assessment 1 Knowledge


FNSFMB403 Present broking options to client
Unit Description This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to collect information, conduct relevant research and develop and present broking options to clients.
Learning Outcomes By the end of this unit, students will be able to:

  • Gather relevant information
  • Prepare appropriate options
  • Present options to clients
  • Negotiate effectively
  • Obtain agreement to proceed


Activity 1


Analyse and discuss the term ‘buyer motivation’, in relation to innovative banking products and services.

(Analyse and discuss issues relating to buyer motives).


Activity 1 Answer




Activity 2


Describe the most common steps in a selling process.


(Describe the key features of the buying and selling processes).


Activity 2 Answer




Activity 3


Discuss the following statement: “Buyer resistance, or objections, indicates interest”.


(Discuss the key features of conflict resolution and persuasion techniques, including how to overcome buyer resistance).

Activity 3 Answer




Activity 4

Identify and describe some recent major disruptors to traditional consumer banking services.


(Describe current industry product and service trends).


Activity 4 Answer




Activity 5


Outline some of the changes organisations may need to make to their sales process procedures to take into account the trend to ‘consultative selling’ (which places the emphasis on the salesperson becoming a “trusted advisor” to the customer).


(Outline the key features of organisational requirements, including policy and procedures relevant to prospecting for new clients).


Activity 5 Answer




Activity 6


The average marketing/prospecting email open rate is now around 5%. Assume your management wants you to continue this prospecting method, identify some of the downsides of this strategy, and some alternative prospecting methods which may have a better success rate.


Activity 6 Answer



Activity 7


Analyses a range of low interest personal loans, and identify any strengths and weaknesses.


(Analyse a range of relevant financial products and services, including their strengths and weaknesses).


Activity 7 Answer



Activity 8


Explain the term ‘cross selling’, in relation to financial products.


Activity 8 Answer





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